Today’s Goal: Be 1% Better Than Yesterday
Greetings, Ninja!

Happy 2018! If we were gambling Ninjas, we’d wager you’ve already set a few personal goals. You’re naturally ambitious, and your role as an Office Ninja has stoked your passion for self-improvement!

So, go ahead and ride the momentum of the New Year! But remember, you don’t have to completely overhaul your life to make meaningful changes. Think of it this way: if you upped your game by just 1% every day, you’d end up 37 times better at the end of the year.

And "better" doesn’t necessarily mean a higher paying job or a faster marathon time (though we admire those goals, for sure). In fact, just being a little bit kinder in your day-to-day life improves the world around you AND your own mental and physical health. Go ahead and give it a shot!

This year is yours for the taking, Ninja. We’ll be cheering for ya!

Rock on!
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Build Small Habits
Small Habits Are the Keys to Unlocking Significant Success
If you improved 1% each day for a year, you’d be 37 times better than when you started. In this talk, James Clear lays out a simple framework for building the habits that will get you the results you want. While it is 24 minutes long, every minute is worth it.

Improve Your Well-Being with Kindness
Wish you could increase your happiness, slow down the aging process, improve your relationships, and have a healthier heart—without spending any time or money? Kindness can do all that and more! It’s the simple act of doing no harm to others.

Find Balance in Your Life by Volunteering
Do you still feel like you haven’t found balance in your life? Using your admazing Ninja skills to make a difference in someone else’s life in your community could be the answer. Don’t overthink it. Just try it out.


Admin Week 2018
We’re onto you, Ninja. That efficient office filled with streamlined systems, valuable resources, and happy employees? That doesn’t just happen. That level of flow takes some serious Ninja skills. Your amazingness may go undetected for 51 weeks out of the year, but this Admin Week, we’re putting you front and center.

Land Your First Remote Job

OfficeNinjas co-founders, Edwin and Nancy, working remotely in Punta Mita, Mexico on the #AdminWeek 2018 launch. #remoteworkrocks

Land (and Kick Butt in) Your First Remote Job in 2018 [REMOTE WORK]
Planning to go remote in 2018? Take the plunge with advice from FlexJobs Senior Career Specialist—like searching for "remote" or "telecommute" and scheduling ahead-of-time opportunities to get your people fix on a regular basis.

Supercharge Your Relationships by Working on Active Listening [COMMUNICATION]
Active listening is one of the most powerful weapons in a Ninja’s communication arsenal. Sharpen this skill in 2018 by working to reduce how often you say "I" and "me" in a conversation and pausing more often before responding.

Text-to-Speech Might Finally Be Listenable Thanks to Google [TECHNOLOGY]
Your Google Assistant will soon sound a lot more human with new tech that can handle hard-to-pronounce words and change inflection based on punctuation. So with a text-to-speech system that sounds … well ... normal, imagine what you can "read" as you get other work done.

The 8 Trends You Need to Know When Booking Travel in 2018 [TRAVEL]
In 2017, there was a lot of big news for air travel, and it’s likely that 2018 will see even more. The Points Guy staff has rounded up their top 8 predictions—from more airlines adding baggage fees to continued devaluation of points programs.

How to Collaborate with Your Team as an Introvert [TEAMWORK]
Introverts, you can master collaboration. By following a few simple steps before every meeting—like setting clear objectives for every meeting and writing out three points you want to make at the meeting—you can leave feeling energized and heard.


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