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Chances are you first heard the adage “Practice Makes Perfect” from a parent, coach, or teacher who saw your potential. Maybe you weren’t nailing that piano solo or aceing every test, but they wanted to let you know that eventually your dedication and hard work would pay off.

The days of music recitals and pop quizzes are long gone, but the concept of practice is just as valuable today as it was then. Any “overnight success” will tell you that their big, extraordinary opportunity came after hours and hours of hard work and, oftentimes, failure. They didn’t start off amazing at what they do; they got there with practice.

We want to hear from you on this topic. To which of your natural talents do you owe hours of practice? And what are you practicing right now? Respond to this email with your story!

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Practice Makes Perfect
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OfficeNinjas Admin Bash
At long last, you’ve found your tribe. Your people! The other tireless office pros who get what it takes to be a Ninja. Now it’s time to celebrate with them at our 6th Annual Admin Bash on April 25 (Administrative Professionals Day!)
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