Greetings, Ninja!

Pop quiz!

Your boss unexpectedly asks you to provide a project update at your weekly team meeting. This impromptu invitation to speak is:

A) A horrifying betrayal. Give a Ninja some warning!
B) A huge opportunity! You’ve been crushing it, and now’s your chance to share all your progress with your colleagues.

OK, so this is a bit of a trick question. The truth is that, depending on your perspective, either of these answers is correct. But wouldn’t you rather see an invitation to share your ideas as a big win, not a panic-inducing imposition?

Even if you’ve always shied away from public speaking, you can learn to love the spontaneous spotlight. Get ready for your close-up, Ninja.

Rock on!
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Called on by your boss without warning for an impromptu report? No worries. You’ve got this!
How to Be Ready When You Have to Speak Off-The-Cuff
Ninjas are masters of preparation. Three weeks to create a presentation? Two days? No problem. Give a report right now, with no time to think?! You’ve got this! With a little practice, you can learn to "get out of your own way" and be a master on-your-toes speaker.

Hello, My Name Is … And I Conquered My Networking-Induced Social Anxiety
Networking is great for your career but can be hard on your nerves if you have social anxiety. Luckily, by knowing your thought patterns, stretching yourself incrementally, and practicing mindfulness, you can make positive connections at networking events.
25 Icebreakers Scientifically Proven to Make You Smile (Instead of Cringe)
Icebreakers rarely break the surface. So toss those superficial get-to-know-you prompts for this set of questions that will actually elicit meaningful and memorable responses whether it’s at a networking event or with a new co-worker.

Nominate an All-Star today!
Part of our Admin Week festivities, OfficeNinjas All-Stars is an online search for the best and brightest administrative maestros. Kicking ass on a daily basis is the Office Ninja’s M.O., and All-Stars set the bar even higher with their creativity, resourcefulness, passion for efficiency, and can-do attitudes. Hurry—nominations end March 14!
Are You an All-Star?!

If you want to make new skills stick, space out your learning.
Lay the Foundation for Long-Term Learning with the Spacing Effect [LEARNING]
Cramming got you through college, but according to science, it’s a terrible way to actually learn a new skill. With a little planning and time management, you can teach your brain to work smarter—not harder—by taking advantage of the spacing effect.
Perfectionism Isn’t Why You Procrastinate—It’s Your Self-Esteem [SELF IMPROVEMENT]
We all struggle with procrastination to one degree or another. But it has less to do with our time-management skills or fear of failure and more from not understanding what we want and value. Once we understand that, we can all kick procrastination to the curb.

Stay Energized Throughout the Day (Without a Whole Pot of Coffee) [PRODUCTIVITY]
As much as we’d love to knock out any task at any time, it’s just not possible. Our energy levels ebb and flow; the more we can optimize for that cycle, the more we can accomplish over the long term. And with a little bit of conditioning, we can even increase our reserves.
Supercharge Your Learning Ability with Encoding and Overlearning [LEARNING]
Now that you’ve learned the spacing effect (see above), it’s time to take your learning skills to the next level. By building a knowledge framework and continuous review from new perspectives, you’ll become a memory champ—and Ninja Legend—in no time.
Remove Private Info from Screenshots with Just Your Browser [TECHNOLOGY]
Did you know that you can mock up a new look for a webpage without knowing HTML or contacting IT? With your browser’s built-in Inspect Element feature, you can play with a webpage’s design without having to write a single line of code (or accidentally breaking the site).

OfficeNinjas Event Series
OfficeNinjas’ Events arm Ninjas with the power of collective intelligence through networking with admins in a lively environment while sharing challenges, brainstorming new ideas, and swapping solutions.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an OfficeNinjas event without great food, tasty libations, and a quirky venue. That’s the secret sauce: blending the best of a networking event with authentic interactions and a slight party vibe. Hope to see you IRL!

March 8 – Admingling in Seattle
March 22 – Admingling in Chicago
April 25 – Admin Bash in Silicon Valley
Join us this Spring!
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