Celebrate your limitless potential this Admin Week.
Greetings, Ninja!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Office Ninjas make everything possible!

And that includes Admin Week. Sure, we could plan Admin Bash, host Flash Raffles, and run OfficeNinjas All-Stars … But if you didn’t participate, what would it matter?!

Admin Week is the celebration it is because of our community of smart, engaged Ninjas. So, once again, thank you for joining us on Admin Week (and every week)! We can’t wait for you to experience everything we have in store.

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ

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Celebrate Your Limitless Potential with an OfficeNinjas T-Shirt
The NEW OfficeNinjas T-Shirts Are Ready for Pre-Order!
Back by popular demand, the official OfficeNinjas t-shirt has the same soft material and tailored fit as last year’s shirt. Our new design celebrates the theme for Admin Bash 2018: An Office Ninja’s potential is LIMITLESS! Pre-order your t-shirt in time for Admin Day!

"Admin Bash is so <Adjective>!" (Fill in the Blank for a Chance to Win!)
Borrowing a page from our favorite rainy day recess activity, we asked a few Ninjas to fill in the blanks and tell us about their Admin Bash experiences. Get the inside scoop on the biggest Admin Day celebration EVER, and enter to win one of two prizes from Testarossa Winery.

One Last Standing Ovation for the 2017 OfficeNinjas All-Stars!
Before we reveal the 2018 OfficeNinjas All-Stars (we can tell you they hail from San Francisco, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Little Rock, and Salt Lake City!), enjoy this recap of last year’s winners. Their stories continue to inspire us to be our best Ninja selves!

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mprove Your Searches on Google with These Tips
31 Google Search Tips That Will Give You Better Results [TECHNOLOGY]
Using Google seems pretty straightforward, right? Actually, Google’s got a lot of hidden features—from flight statuses to finding pages that link to a source. Mastering these secret features will supercharge your ability to find information fast.

The Case for Scheduling Untouchable Days [SELF-CARE]
Feel like your overbooked calendar is eating away at your productivity? Untouchable days— days free of meetings, calls, and interactions with others in general—can help you get in the zone and stay there. And don’t worry, scheduling them is a lot simpler than it sounds.
3 Ways to End a Conversation at a Networking Event [NETWORKING]
You can end a conversation at a networking event without feeling awkward or disappearing into the restroom. With these three simple strategies in your back pocket, you can mingle with grace and make each one of your interactions more fruitful.

Are You Working with Speed or Velocity? [GROWTH]
Is it better to move quickly or to move in the right direction? Understanding the difference between speed and velocity will change how you work—allowing you to say yes to the tasks that will propel your career forward and no to those that will keep you running in circles.

What Science Has to Say About Productivity [PRODUCTIVITY]
When it comes to dealing with distractions and staying on task, discipline only goes so far. If you’re not as productive as you’d like to be, a science-backed strategy (like the Pomodoro Technique!) could help you dominate your to-do list.


These companies get the OfficeNinjas stamp of approval. They not only offer high-quality products and stellar customer service, but they also keep OfficeNinjas running like a well-oiled machine. So the next time you’re shopping for a new go-to vendor, show them some love!
Delta - Tailored travel services for your company's needs.
ezCater - The only nationwide marketplace for office meals and catering.
Bevi - Fizzy, flavored, or straight-up H2O?Reinvent your water cooler culture.
TripActions - Make your bookings go further with end-to-end travel management.
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