Get ready to be celebrated, Ninja.
Greetings, Ninja!

First, let’s take a deep breath.

We know the anticipation and excitement for Admin Week can be overwhelming. But you’re going to need your strength to handle the five days of recognition, celebration, and admazing prizes we have in store.

In addition to finally revealing our five 2018 OfficeNinjas All-Stars, we’ll be hosting a different Flash Raffle every day of Admin Week (have you seen what we’re giving away?). We open the raffle and pick a winner in a matter of 24 hours, so those Ninja reflexes have got to be fast!

And speaking of giveaways, have you entered our Pre-Admin Week raffle? Hurry! It ends tonight.

Rock on!
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Alert: Admin Week #FlashRaffle Prizes Revealed!
For weeks, we’ve been dropping hints about our Admin Week Flash Raffles, and now we’re finally ready to reveal MAJOR details. Find out what you could win from our partners!

#NinjaStars: Revisiting Recent All-Stars Winners
Before we reveal our 2018 OfficeNinjas All-Stars (we can barely stand the excitement!), let’s take a look back at our 2017 and 2016 All-Stars. Learn about their careers, growth, and what to take to a desert island.

19 Gift Ideas for #AdminDay and a Ninja-Only Giveaway
All Ninjas deserve a special treat, and our Admin Day gift guide includes 19 gifts (from designer chocolates to high-tech yoga mats) that any admin-pro would be psyched to receive. Added bonus? We’re giving away some of those awesome treats! Enter by the end of today!


Embrace the Change
Photo Credit: SoftBank Robotics
How to Start Preparing for an Automated Future [TECHNOLOGY]
Robots who walk, talk, and act like us are still a long way off. But the "4th Industrial Revolution" is still underway! By being one of the first to take the dive into the digital world, you’ll be ready when the artificially intelligent future truly arrives.

Survive (and Thrive) During Change by Building These 6 Skills [PERSONAL GROWTH]
If you could only pick a few skills to invest in now, which would you choose? At the foundation of almost every speciality are six keystone abilities—mindfulness, discernment, action, expectancy, feedback, and adaptability. Invest in them, and your possibilities are endless.

Give Your Writing a Spring Cleaning with These Tips [COMMUNICATION]
Clear and concise communication is a Ninja’s secret weapon. But even the sharpest blades dull and lose their sheen over time. Spring is the perfect time to sharpen and shine your verbal shurikens to ensure your messages continue to stay on target.

Why Email Is the Best Way to Ask for Advice [COMMUNICATION]
"Can I buy you a coffee and pick your brain?" is asking a lot. Is that hour (plus the scheduling and commute) really worth a $3 beverage? Instead of making advice feel like work, make it feel more like procrastination with these tips for the perfect email request.

Following Through on Your Own Goals and Projects [GOALS]
Why are we so good at fulfilling our commitments to others but not ourselves? Because we primarily rely on external pressures (friends, family, bosses) to motivate us to follow through. Luckily, you can improve your ability to stick to things with a few simple steps.


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