How to actually work when at work.
Greetings, Ninja!

Let’s get real for a sec. How much actual work is in your workday?

Between the dings, pings, email notifications, and shoulder taps (virtual and IRL) from well-meaning coworkers, how much time are you dedicating to creative thinking and problem-solving? And how much time do spend off track and asking yourself, "Now, what was I just doing?"

For many of us, the truth is sobering … and frustrating. We’re Ninjas! We love productivity! But the workplace is teeming with distractions, and even the most laser-focused Ninja can fall prey.

You need more than just willpower to maintain focus. You need a strategy.

Rock on!
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Staying focused while balancing so many to-dos
How to Wrangle Your Distracted Mind to Get More Done
To beat distraction, we have to find its source. Sure, tech and coworkers can hijack our flow, but the real culprit? Our own brain ... By making time for traction, hacking external triggers, noting internal ones, and using pacts, we can stop distractions at the source.

Real Talk: You’re as Focused as You Want to Be
The world wants your attention, but whether you give it or not is in your control. It’s up to you to choose which information is worthy of your time and brain space. Want more focus and flow? Unapologetically, file everything into two categories: important and unimportant.

These Do-Not-Disturb Signs Are Genius
If your coworkers knew those ad hoc requests or friendly chit-chats were messing up your productivity, they may be more mindful of your time. With these printable signs, you can let everyone know when you’re available, when you’re interruptible, and when to come back later.


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Working remotely with the right tools
17 Slack Bots and Apps to Supercharge Remote Teams [REMOTE WORK]
When it comes to meetings, celebrations, and team-building activities, remote teams need to get a little creative. Impromptu coffee dates aren’t an option, but virtual tacos that can be redeemed for real-life rewards? Totally doable (with the right Slack app).

The Untaught Skill: Learning How to Learn [LEARNING]
We learn a lot in school but rarely do we learn the most fundamental skill to learning. In this 90-minute podcast, you’ll learn how to learn skills more effectively by rewiring brain patterns, chunking knowledge, and confronting procrastination. (Did we say "learn" enough?)

"Buy a Fancy Pencil" and Other Simple Productivity Pointers [PRODUCTIVITY]
Even Frank Chimero, renowned visual artist and author of The Shape of Design, needs a productivity pep talk now and again. In this humorous letter to himself, he offers 13 practical pieces of advice for finding inspiration, assessing progress, and staying on track.

Think Bigger (and Better and Deeper) [EXPERTISE]
If you make every decision on the fly, you’re stuck at level-one thinking, requiring only passive observation. You’re too smart for that, Ninja! Elevate your level of thinking by learning to incorporate analysis and interpretation into your decision-making processes.

How the Event Planner Role Is Evolving [EVENT PLANNING]
Vendor management, catering, on-site logistics, entertainment: all are still priorities when you plan company events. But the planner role is evolving—from project manager to leader—as companies recognize the value and impact of their events. Learn the skills you’ll need to capitalize on this industry-wide shift.


Connect with other Ninjas in your city
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