Constructive negativity > fake positivity.
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It may be the age of AI, but most workplaces are still run by humans. Do we have a robot’s speed, precision, and accuracy? Nope. But we do have something that AI has yet to codify: emotions. And regardless of what you may have been told, emotions DO have a place at the office.

A high level of emotional intelligence helps us understand different leadership styles and manage professional relationships. Even negative emotions, like fear and anger, can be channeled constructively, so don’t bottle them up! Use them to bring clarity to complex situations and effect change.

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EQ is more than
Why We’re Still Talking About Emotional Intelligence
"Don’t be a jerk." That’s the takeaway from countless articles on emotional intelligence (EQ), yet how actionable is that advice? Understanding conflict management, maintaining relationships, and working on your delivery are ways you can boost your EQ beyond the Golden Rule.

Getting Real with Difficult Emotions at Work
Striving for a 100% happy office is a fool’s errand. Forced positivity feels creepy (1984 just called). We’re human after all! We experience sadness, fear, and anger. So it’s in every company’s best interest to acknowledge and discuss negative emotions constructively.

6 Ways to Grow the Balance of Your Emotional Bank Account
Trust is to relationships, as money is to finances. To weather the tough times, you have to make regular deposits to build your balance. Learn the six simple ways you can invest in your emotional bank account—from clarifying expectations to attending to the little things.


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Don’t be left behind in the AI revolution.
How Will AI Affect Well-Paying Cognitive Jobs? [FUTURE OF WORK]
AI promises to revolutionize work, but what can workers with high-skill, cognitive jobs (e.g. doctors, financial analysts, Ninjas!) do to prepare for the revolution? Invest in skills that will help you to see the big picture and work better with others (see above!).

Tech Tutorial: Find Records in Excel, G-Sheet, and Zapier [TECHNOLOGY]
Excel, G-Sheet, and Zapier are powerful business tools, but the simplest task—like looking up specific records—isn’t always intuitive. This article includes step-by-step instructions, gifs, and videos for each platform to save you time and supercharge your workflows.

One VC’s 7-Step Strategy for Becoming Well-Connected [CAREER]
Before becoming a first-round investor in companies like Warby Parker, HotelTonight, and Adaptly, Chris Fralic spent 25 years establishing and nurturing genuine connections. In this in-depth article, he shares his top tips. His number one? Impart energy, not information.

The Template for an Effective Meeting Agenda [PRODUCTIVITY]
Is the point of the meeting to share intel or make a decision? What’s the reason for each team member’s attendance, and what should they do to prepare for the meeting? An effective agenda will answer all of these questions (and more) before the meeting even begins.


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Developing Habits and Crushing Goals
Whether you need to maintain positive career habits or ditch the duds, we’ve got you covered with research, strategy, tech tools, and our most powerful resource—your fellow Ninjas.

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