Feeling unproductive? Clean up your digital workspace.
Greetings, Ninja!

Have we reached a tech tool tipping point? For every job-related task, there’s an app for it. But despite how powerful they are, they often feel like remote islands. And the result? We end up swimming in a sea of tabs.

So how do we stay afloat?

More tech tools, of course!

We’ve found three new apps that will help bring order to any chaotic digital workstation. The best part? Each tool offers a free version, so you can test it out before diving in head first.

Rock on!
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Simplify Team Collaboration with an All-In-One Tool
Now, where’d that message go? Collaborating with your team across multiple tools can get messy. With task management, databases, and seamless collaboration space all in one place, Notion ensures none of your team’s communications fall through the cracks.

House All Your Apps Under One Roof
Keeping countless tabs and apps open eats at your computer’s and your own processing power. Station organizes your most-used services (e.g. G Suite, Intercom, Workday) into one easy-to-use "smart dock"—saving your digital and mental RAM for more complex and impactful tasks.

Never Lose a File Again with FYI
Ever spent way too long trying to find a document? Us, too. Luckily, FYI combines all your file accounts (e.g. G Suite, Dropbox, Evernote), so you can search them all at once. It even allows for team documents and tagging, so you never have to ask for a link again!


Custom OfficeNinjas Administrative Badassery Stickers
Our favorite source for custom stickers, labels, magnets, and other sticky swag! Sticker Mule's quality is unparalleled, and you can’t beat their low minimums, lightning-fast turnaround times, and impeccable service.
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Communicating is a key skill for every Ninja
The Secret to Managing Up? Over-Communicating [MANAGEMENT]
Over-communication might seem like overkill—your boss only has so much time. But it’s key to managing up and avoiding unfortunate surprises down the line. And by keeping it simple, syncing early and often, and being okay sharing bad news, you’ll master this powerful skill.

The Art of Making the Complex Understandable [COMMUNICATION]
As a resident office expert, it’s easy to fall prey to the "curse of knowledge" when trying to explain info to others. Reverse the curse by taking an audience-centric approach. From deconstruction to backward mapping, give these six communication strategies a try.

To Be a Better Problem Solver, Think Like a Programmer [PROBLEM SOLVING]
Most Ninjas aren’t programmers—but you don’t need to be to solve problems like one. Taking a page from their systematic approach can help you resolve the thorniest of issues, no matter your industry. And it’s a mindset that only takes four simple steps (and practice!) to master.

Communication Debt: What It Is and How to Avoid It [PRODUCTIVITY]
Your time and focus are valuable, and each new email, ping, or text depletes both. How do you minimize accruing this communication debt? Establish teamwide distraction "force fields" and response protocols that minimize costly interruptions at their source.


Network with fellow Ninjas in your city
Who understands a Ninja better than a fellow Ninja? That’s why we host Adminglings—so you can connect with admin pros in your area who get the struggles you face, appreciate your wins, and can offer unique perspectives to help you solve your most difficult challenges. AND so you can have a night to relax, enjoy, and be recognized for all your work.

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