A Ninja’s secret weapon? Creativity.

It’s time we think about the word "creative" a little more, well, creatively. We typically think of the creative types graduating from design school or taking to the stage. But in reality, just as many creatives work behind-the-scenes in offices across the country.

Your ability to envision new ideas, adapt to change, and collaborate with others makes you a creative. It’s also what keeps you marketable in a rapidly evolving workplace.

As AI automates more perfunctory tasks, you can stay competitive by fostering your creative capacity. Start by unlearning old habits and limiting mindsets. Then spend just 20 minutes a day—10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed—training your memory and imagination. (It’s what creatives call "a process.")

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Learn why creative capacity is the future of work
Creativity Is a Skill Everyone Can (And Should) Develop
In an increasingly automated workplace, creativity is becoming a more valuable ability. And it’s one that anyone can develop—with the right shift in mindset. So unlearn (see article below) the perception that you’re not a "creative" person and future-proof your skill set.

How (And Why) to Learn How to "Unlearn" Old Habits
In the words of 2018 All-Star Ninja Kellie Edwards, "Just because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’, doesn’t mean it’s right." So how do you move past old thinking to a place of real impact? Learn to get comfortable with new roles and work to develop more trust.

Level up Your Creativity with This 10-Minute Routine
The first 10 minutes of your morning is when you’re the most creative. Your brain is still playing with the connections your sleeping mind made. By tapping into that time (and priming your mind before bed) new ideas and imaginative solutions will be ready by breakfast.


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Bevi is reinventing water-cooler culture. Their smart, all-in-one hydration solution provides customizable fizz and flavor without any of the drama of beverage orders, fridge restocking, and overflowing bins. The minute your office’s favorite flavors run low, Bevi automatically dispatches a technician. Never leave your team high and dry again!

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Read key takeaways from the 2018 Internet Trends Report
#TrendAlert: The Top 20 Internet Trends of 2018 [INNOVATION]
Whether your organization is devoted to tech, you’re a digital maven, or you use the internet every day (i.e. everyone), it’s important to know what’s happening on the horizon. Some of this year’s trends are predictable, but others will help you stay ahead of the curve!

Want to Read (and Learn) Faster? Break Out an Index Card [PRODUCTIVITY]
Think of all the books, articles, and work docs you could get through if you read two or three times faster! Speed reading isn’t just for trained experts—by simply using a white index card (and its digital equivalent) anyone can become a lightning-fast reader.

Arrest Time Wasters With a Meeting Cop [TECHNOLOGY]
Okay, not an actual cop. But deputizing a "police officer" each meeting could be just the thing your team needs to stay focused. Different from the organizer, they’re the agenda enforcer—keeping everyone on track and ensuring the meeting has a productive outcome.

How Seeing Your Life Through Math Can Improve Decision Making [LEARNING]
"Seeing what makes the world tick changes your perspective. The world is a mosaic of physical patterns, and once you’re familiar with the basics, you start to see how those patterns fit together." Training yourself to think more mathematically doesn’t limit creativity; it expands it.

Internal Stakeholders Want to Hear How Your Big Idea Benefits Them, First [TEAMWORK]
The next time you bring a big idea to the table, skip the 20,000 ft. view and dig right into the details. Show each internal group how it will benefit them first, then how it will have a wider impact on your consumers, clients, and external stakeholders.


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