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Successful people come from all industries, backgrounds, and work styles—but those who continue to up their game have a couple things in common:

  1. They use well-defined processes. Clarity of process allows them to replicate what works, and supercharge their decision-making abilities with predictive analytics.
  2. They’re confident decision makers. They don’t stall, overanalyze, or put off important decisions. They make them quickly and often.

In other words, there’s (still) no silver bullet or secret handshake. The road to success is paved with well-organized information and thoughtful action.

You were made for the journey, Ninja.

Rock on!
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Improving your decision-making and processes is key to getting better everyday
Why Decisions are Best Made Early and Often
Hey, bad decisions are gonna happen now and then—you’re human! The good news? You can reduce the likelihood of making them. Through swift and frequent action, you can start building positive momentum early, to cut back on the unfortunate facepalming later.

How to Create Powerful Processes People Will Actually Follow
Formalizing processes might seem like a snore, but they pay off in time, energy, and lack of frustration… if they’re well planned and clearly documented. Next time you sit down to write out a process, be meticulous—and try out this helpful tool!

Predictive Analysis and the Office Professional
It may sound like techie jargon, but predictive analytics is pretty simple. By studying relevant data, you can actually start making accurate guesses of future events. Harness its power to fine tune internal processes or dig into industry trends, no magic wand necessary.


Combat the effects of sitting with these tips.
How to Survive Sitting All Day [SELF-CARE]
We don’t have to tell you—sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, and typing eight hours a day or more, wrecks real havoc on our bodies (and souls). Luckily, some simple but key adjustments, and a focused mind can help ease aching backs, sore wrists, and strained eyes.

Culture is More Important Than Ever For Attracting Talent [CULTURE]
As the hiring landscape grows increasingly competitive across the US, company culture has become even more of a recruiting advantage. A mindful, human-centered culture can help rope in your industry’s top talent—but building it requires more than just a few office perks.

How to Spread an Innovation Mindset Across Your Entire Company [INNOVATION]
Everyone on the team can foster innovation. Problem is, many companies just designate a select few to focus on it. Building an innovation mindset into company culture not only improves organizational efficiency, it attracts top talent—and Ninjas can help.

Try Using Statistics to Improve Your Workflow (Seriously) [WORK SKILLS]
It’s not obvious, but statistics are a big part of navigating the daily grind. They can help you determine almost anything—from whether it’s worth buying those new desks, to how likely your boss will want the meeting room in the back. Watch this 13-minute crash course and become a stats pro.

Alternatives for When Standard Goal Setting Fails [GROWTH]
Did your SMART goal turn out to be kind of a dud? Has your year-long goal lost steam? Don’t despair if you haven’t found your goal-crushing groove—those traditional methods aren’t the only paths to success. Try these alternative goal setting strategies, and hit your mark!


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