Work stress isn’t a badge of honor.
Greetings, Ninja!

Do you know what it takes to successfully form a diamond? Pressure. Yep. The earth’s mantle couldn’t transform carbon into those strong, beautiful rocks without it. The truth is, pressure helps a lot of us do our best work.

Not the frantic I have to get this right or I’m a failure kind of pressure. That stress only crushes confidence and creativity. And when that happens, it’s time to pause and ask for help.

The good, diamond-forming pressure is different. It’s the kind that encourages you to lean into challenges to deliver strong, valuable work.

It’s a voice that says, "This is tough, but your work matters. You got this." And it’s a voice you can strengthen with the right tools.

Rock on!
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Stress can be a friend or foe to productivity.
Spotting the Difference Between Good and Bad Pressure
External pressures (like fear of failure, looming deadlines, and others’ expectations) don’t motivate—they suffocate. Nurture and tap into intrinsic motivation to boost your energy and keep you focused. Spoiler: self-care plays a starring role.

Dig Your Way out of Work-Related Stress
It’s no secret—a day in the life of a Ninja is stressful! Problem is, stress left unchecked has a tendency to become chronic. Start climbing out of your stress pit by first understanding and managing your stressors. Here's a plan to help.

How to Ask for Help When You’re Drowning in Work
If you aren’t getting the support you need to crush your workload, well, it might be your fault. #ToughLove. Not because no one wants to help—but because you didn’t ask! Get over that hurdle, and get the support you need with a few key steps.


Delivering concise speeches is a key communication skill.
How to Ditch the Ums, Ers, and Likes [PUBLIC SPEAKING]
Our brains hate silence. They tend to replace it with filler words like "um" and "so," making us sound unsure to others. How do you reign in the filler to focus captive ears on a strong clear, message? The first step is awareness. The next steps? Practice and more practice.

Fostering a Workplace that Encourages Introverts to Share Ideas [MANAGEMENT]
Whether you manage an introvert or are one yourself, you know getting them to speak up can be tough. But mindful encouragement can help. Understanding their collaboration style is a big first step. Tweaking your engagement strategy is the next.

Working on Emotional Intelligence is a Daily Task (Here’s Why) [PERSONAL GROWTH]
We make decisions and react to situations with our emotions more often than we care to admit. So, boosting emotional intelligence is not only vital to connecting with others in the workplace (a necessity for any Ninja), it’s also key to understanding and influencing ourselves.

Create Internal Newsletters Your Coworkers Will Actually Read [COMMUNICATION]
Internal newsletters sound like a great way to communicate across the company. But too often they’re just more noise in an already overloaded inbox. Turn your tired internal emails into invaluable insights that make an actual impact with this complete step-by-step guide.

13 Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster (Without Having to Ask IT) [TECHNOLOGY]
If your computer is constantly cursed by the spinning wheel of death, you might not have to submit a service ticket or just sit and endure it. There are several simple tactics to try first (like closing your 1000+ open tabs!) that may be just what you need to get back up to speed.


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