Extrovert or Introvert? It’s not that simple.
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The next time someone says, “Don’t be so sensitive,” go ahead and file it under “MISGUIDED” in your mental advice folder.

Sure, being highly sensitive can make it tough to deal with critical feedback (especially when it’s unexpected), round-the-clock empathy can be draining, and it may be difficult at times to be assertive. But you are more than equipped to face these challenges … when those powers are cultivated and given space to thrive.

Sensitivity can fuel creativity and innovation. It can help you take notice of important subtleties that others miss. And it increases the time you spend listening, processing input, and building rapport. It’s the heart of your emotional intelligence.

With the right guidance and resources, sensitivity can become a superpower. So whether you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you manage one, or want to cultivate more sensitivity in yourself—iron your cape, and stretch your legs, Ninja. It’s time to fly!

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Sensitivity can be a workplace superpower.
Fostering a Workplace that Empowers Highly Sensitive People
Sensitivity is a strength when properly nurtured. Whether you have high sensitivity or manage someone who does, clear communication, allowing plenty of time for preparation, and coaching vs criticizing, can help you wield this ability as a superpower (for good, not evil).

Write More Assertively (Using a Tech Trick)
Do you preface your words with inhibiting phrases like, “I think,” “I’ll try,” and “Just wanted to let you know?” Lack of assertiveness in communications can read as lack of confidence. Eliminate diminishing language from your writing automatically by hacking the text expanders in your most used programs.

The Power of Quiet People
The loudest person in the room isn’t necessarily the smartest, although society would have us believe otherwise. Bad move, because quiet employees are often incredible listeners and can absolutely command the room—if given the opportunity. Amplify quiet voices with a few simple exercises.


Caviar for Teams
With Caviar, you can quickly navigate your team’s dietary restrictions, schedule deliveries, set spending limits, and even bill to specific projects or departments. An extensive restaurant lineup and convenient ordering make it easy to organize company meals and catered events of all kinds—including #AdminglingSEA! They’ll be handling all the tasty bites (and raffling off $100 in Caviar credit) on July 12!

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Like the best CEOs, be proactive when scheduling your time
Manage Your Time like a Boss [TIME MANAGEMENT]
CEOs work an average of 62.5 hours a week and spend 72% of their time in meetings. How do they still get anything done? Well, admazing Office Ninjas, of course. But they’re also proactive and agenda-driven, and make sure to block off uninterrupted time alone.

Work SMARTER, Not Harder Through Energy Blocking [PRODUCTIVITY]
Feeling like you log a ton of hours everyday, but your performance doesn’t seem to show it? That’s because success isn’t in the hours—it’s in the focus. Try thinking about your day in 96 energy-blocks, schedule out your goals into those blocks, and then scrap everything else.

Must-Have Slack Apps to Supercharge Your Team Communication [TECHNOLOGY]
Slack is a powerful communication tool, but what makes it shine is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other apps. With the right integrations, you can gauge employee satisfaction, create agile to-do lists, respond to clients lightning fast, and so much more.

Got a Great Boss? Capitalize On It [CAREER]
If you have a boss who motivates, collaborates, and cares, don’t just count your lucky stars. Maximize the opportunity to develop your skills and fast-track your career. Invite new challenges for both of you to tackle, take opportunities to talk candidly, and practice offering your input with authority. In the process, you’ll both grow.

How to Thrive in a Partially Remote Team [REMOTE WORK]
Remote work is becoming more common, but collaborating with a partially distributed team can still be tricky. You can help create unity with thorough planning, positive motivation, and strategic communication.


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