A positive workplace starts with you, Ninja.

We love meditation and spirulina smoothies as much as the next Ninja, but here’s our favorite health tip: surround yourself with positive people.

Research shows that the company you keep can have just as great an impact on your physical and mental health as diet and exercise. Good news, if your coworkers radiate glass-half-full optimism and echo collaboration over competition.

But what if the #officevibe is running on a negative frequency?

Be the change, Ninja! It’s amazing how simple acts of kindness and a cooperative mindset can shift a culture of no, because into one of yes, and.

Rock on!
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2018 All-Star Winner Verlance Friar bringing the laughs to his workplace
Power Your Professional Life with Positive People
Who’s in your circle? People who surround themselves with positive friends and colleagues—the kind you can talk to when you’re having a bad day—are generally happier, more resilient, and more likely to maintain healthy behaviors. Is it time to rethink your crew?

14 Simple Ways to Model Kindness at Work
Kindness is contagious. A thoughtful note or an unsolicited favor can spread morale-boosting behavior across an entire organization! We all could use a dose of encouragement from time to time—you never know who’s silently struggling. Start cultivating kindness with one of these 14 smile-inducing acts.

Keep Conversations (And Collaboration) Going with This Improv Technique
"Yes, and" is the foundation of improv; for any sketch to work, players must agree to build on each other’s premise ... no matter where it leads. In the workplace, this exercise can help develop rapport and foster cooperation. So when tensions rise or competition grows too fierce, think "yes, and," and see where it leads you.


Calculate your world
One Tool + 543 Calculators = A Ton of Time Saved [TECHNOLOGY]
Omni Calculator, our new favorite online tool, is solving ALL the problems. Plug a few variables into one of its 543 specialized calculators and get answers to questions like: What’s the return on this investment? What’s the value-added tax for this product? How many hours until my phone battery dies?

How to Push Your Boundaries (Even When You Think You Aren’t Ready) [MOTIVATION]
Our natural tendency is to seek comfort and stay there. We "normalize" changes quickly, and shy away from disruption when possible. Left unchecked, this habit can lead to personal and professional plateaus. The secret of continuous growth? On-the-fly experimentation, even when it’s scary.

Job Alert: Tech Companies are Hiring Non-Tech Pros [CAREER]
Looking to break into the tech industry? Now’s the time to apply! The tech industry is maturing; startups of yesterday are realizing that if they want big growth, they need more than just coding wizardry—they need Ninjas! Nearly half of all tech job openings are now non-tech roles.

How to Deal with a Boss Who Doesn’t Advocate for You [PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
What’s worse than a mean boss? One who doesn’t advocate for you. At least mean bosses are easy to spot. Meanwhile, non-advocates may be the hidden reason new opportunities, promotions, and pay raises are passing you by. If your boss won’t step up as your champion, try these new approaches (none of which require you to become your own PR machine).

Continue. Stop. Start. [PROBLEM SOLVING]
When one project ends, our inclination may be to quickly turn our attention towards the next. That new new. But hindsight is 20/20, so use it to evaluate every project you complete, big or small. The "Continue. Stop. Start." framework is a simple model that will help you learn from past experiences and apply that knowledge to future endeavors.


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