Communication Tip #1: Check Your Baggage.
Greetings, Ninja!

Pick any job description from any industry, and what’s the one item you’re guaranteed to see under “Requirements?”

Strong communication skills.

Makes sense … but if everyone needs strong communication skills to get a foot in the door, why do communication problems plague most workplaces?

Here’s our take: what makes a good communicator is often misunderstood. You can be a talented writer, a skilled presenter, or a savvy small-talker—but communication is more nuanced than that.

It’s about identifying and traversing different communication styles. It’s about finding connections with those who don’t share your perspective. It’s about knowing how to check your own baggage and express appreciation.

And while those abilities seem to be in short supply, they’re exactly what make Office Ninjas so high in demand.

Rock on!
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Active listening and sincere empathy are keys to strong leadership
Overcome Communication Missteps with These 4 Strategies
Attempting to see a situation from someone else’s point of view, while admirable, can be misguided. Perception is reality, and each of us experience the world through our own lens. So how can we improve workplace communication? Listen more, talk less, ask more than we answer, and check our personal baggage at the door.

Traversing Diverse Communication Styles
Between co-workers, managers, board members, visitors, and vendors, Ninjas navigate a LOT of different personalities. Use this simple framework to identify whether someone’s style is Dominant, Influencer, Conscientious, or Steady and to make your conversations more fruitful (and pleasant).

Show Appreciation at Work Using the 5 “Love Languages”
What makes you feel appreciated at work? A well-timed compliment? Lunch with close coworkers? A high-five or firm handshake? Someone’s help on a task you dread? A surprise coffee with your name on it? Understanding the five “love languages” may provide insight on what makes you feel appreciated at work—and how to show appreciation to others.


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Refresh the boring office bulletin board with chocolate inspirations! Chococurb’s premium chocolate delivery box offers a wide variety of gourmet bars for your coworkers to fight over (vegan and gluten-free team members included). Whether you purchase a monthly subscription or order a single box—Chococurb is perfect for recurrent office treats or corporate gifting.
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It’s time to rethink the concept of work/life balance
Why Achieving Work/Life Balance is Impossible (Hint: Because It Isn’t Real) [HAPPINESS]
Instead of trying to divide your time into balanced categories of “work” and “not work,” what if you recognized and embraced your life as a unified whole? What if, rather than setting personal and professional goals, you identified life dreams? The Swiss Personal Development Program Approach teaches you to do just that.

How to Launch an Employee-to-Employee Learning Program [LEARNING]
At Google, nearly 80% of educational programs are run through a volunteer teaching network of employees. The program doesn’t simply cut costs—it inspires and supports a company-wide culture of learning. Start your own with the guidance and tools in this helpful primer.

Productivity Tips for Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts [PRODUCTIVITY]
What’s more conducive to productivity: a bustling office with an open floor plan or a quiet workspace with plenty of closable doors? It depends what kind of introvert or extrovert works there. (Yes, there are different types!) Knowing what keeps you focused starts with an understanding of how you recharge your energy.

Leverage Stress to Form Stronger Connections [GROWTH]
You’ve heard about the body’s fight-or-flight response to stress, but what about tend-and-befriend? Research shows that we’re biologically wired to seek connection during challenging times. Learn how to trigger this type of reaction (instead of hitting the panic button).

Come for the WiFi, Stay for the Dinner [FUTURE OF WORK]
Is your favorite neighborhood bistro your new go-to co-working space? The start-up Spacious thinks so. They’re currently partnering with upscale restaurants in NYC and SF to offer remote workers space in the “off” hours—part of a growing trend for brick-and-mortar spaces.


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