Productivity crumbles under bad habits.

A Ninja’s excitement over a new productivity tool is unparalleled — nothing makes our day like the promise of getting more out of it. But we’re no fools; we know there’s no silver bullet for success.

And while our gaze may certainly rest on the mesmerizing glow of a game-changing app, we also know that real, sustainable productivity is founded on simpler stuff.

It starts at an individual level through an optimization mindset and the practice of goal-crushing habits. Layer those with efficient organizational systems and established team workflows, and you’ve got yourself a solid foundation — and maybe even a couple hours of your life back.

Hey, we said simpler, not easier.

You got this!
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Productivity starts with the right system, before the right tool
4 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Better Productivity
Drowning in to-dos? Try thinking about each one as an agreement, not a task. It’ll remind you that you can say “no” to requests that don’t align with your goals, or renegotiate them so they do. This simple change in thinking (and three others) can boost your productivity — no new systems, tools, or apps required.

Feeling Unproductive at Work? Reassess Daily Habits
Our daily habits are the real drivers behind getting the right things done. And they’re ripe for optimization. When was the last time you reevaluated yours? Start with your first hour of the workday. Do you tackle that high-value project or open your email? Take a step back to start building the habits that will make your days more productive.

The Real Reason Productivity Tools Fail
Productivity tools can be a sound investment... if you know where they’ll most improve a process. Before researching new software, you need to first understand where your workflows need a fix. Even the fanciest app can’t solve your problems if you don’t know what they are.


Teams that eat together, stay together
The Return on Investing in Team Lunches [CULTURE]
Just like families who gather ‘round the dinner table every night, teams who regularly break bread are stronger, more cohesive units. Top companies like Google and Etsy are sharing meals, building bonds, and reaping more than just nutritional benefits.

Why We Must Routinely Evaluate How We Make Decisions [LEADERSHIP]
We tend to think of tech as logical and objective. But even the most sophisticated software is susceptible to bias, as revealed by recent research. So what does this mean for business? It stands as a reminder that no matter how “objective” the results of a process seem to be, it’s our responsibility to keep an eye out for where and how our biases may creep in.

7 Formulas That Make Google Sheets Work Harder [RESOURCES]
Are your Google Sheets as clean and efficient as they could be? Are they running at optimal number-crunching capacity? If you’re keen to save time (and look like a data wizard) learn how to master these seven formulas, from VLOOKUP to Arrays.

Researching a New Tech Tool? Start Here [TECHNOLOGY]
What’s better for your company: ZipRecruiter or Indeed? Asana or Trello? Zoom or UberConference? The next time you’re weighing tech tools, head to this product comparison site to get unbiased, side-by-side stats on everything from price and customer ratings to adoption by industry and region.

Yes, Your Open Office Can Be a Productive Space [PROBLEM SOLVING]
The promises of an open office (Flexibility! Collaboration! Cost efficiency!) tend to give way to the realities of boundaryless workspace (Noise! Distraction! Lack of privacy!). But, with a few simple rules and some smart design decisions, you can make an open office plan work for everyone on the team.


We’re back with another round of Adminglings!
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Chicago // Tue, Sep 25, 6–8pm (CT)
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New York City // Thu, Oct 25, 6–8:30pm (ET)
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