Navigate the job market like a Ninja.
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Eyeing a different role or hoping to launch a side biz? Here’s the thing: landing a new gig requires a specific type of hustle that isn’t just about pounding the pavement.

In today’s competitive job market, strategy trumps elbow grease, and working smart beats working hard. Your resume needs to get past the screening bots before it impresses the hiring manager. And while networking is still important, savvy job seekers are also helpworking. (Yup, it’s a thing.)

But here’s the good news: Ninjas were built for this kind of hustle. You’ve got everything you need to create a valued, fulfilling career.

Rock on!
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Get your hustle on!
Want to Change Careers? Reinvent Your Resume First
So you’re taking the plunge and switching careers — right on! Just don’t get stuck holding your breath with an old resume. Take your past experiences (each one is valuable!), and reposition them to spotlight your new area of interest. With a bit of research and red ink, your shiny new resume can help you break into a new biz.

Unlock the Secret of Resume-Scanners
HR screening technology is a gatekeeper. And your resume is the key to getting your name in front of actual human eyes. The only catch? Your document has to meet the keeper’s very specific demands. Take these tips on sailing past those scanners to your dream role. (Hint: read the article above, too.)

Scratch Your Career Itch with Multiple Gigs
If you’re ready to split from your cubicle or just diversify your experiences, freelancing may be the ticket. Instead of trying to find the one "perfect" job, diversifying with multiple gigs can allow you to fulfill your one-of-a-kind career goals.


We’re back with another round of Adminglings!
Admingling events arm Ninjas with new connections, shared stories, and fresh ideas to keep up in their ever-evolving role. If bonding with fellow admins in a one-of-a-kind space with tasty eats while tackling big career topics sounds like your kind of party — join us at an upcoming Admingling!

Chicago // Tue, Sep 25, 6–8pm
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Dallas // Thu, Oct 18, 5:30pm–8pm
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Washington, DC // Tue, Oct 23, 6–8:30pm
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New York City // Thu, Oct 25, 6–8:30pm
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Public speaking IS a skill you can develop
Make Your Routine Presentation as Mesmerizing as a TED Talk [PUBLIC SPEAKING]
We’ve all been inspired, motivated, and wowed by an incredible TED talk. Why? Because they make every word count. Even if you don’t make big speeches, these TED talk strategies can help your colleagues better connect with your ideas during any presentation.

If the Company is One Big Team, Why Do We Practice on Separate Fields? [COLLABORATION]
Collaboration is imperative in any workplace. But the average office is broken up by primary function and only brought together for "special" projects. Transitioning from one-off teams to a cross-functional organization can keep everyone performing at their highest potential, and Ninjas can help get the ball rolling.

Are You a How- or Who-Thinker? (And Why It Matters) [PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
When you think about your goals, do you think about how you will accomplish them or who will help you accomplish them? Most of us start with the how. Many of the world’s top-achievers start with the who — surrounding themselves with the best people right from the jump.

Software Development + Operations = Dream Team (Here’s Why) [FUTURE OF WORK]
Big tech companies are finding that continual, small optimizations vs. big overhauls lead to better software development. How do they make that happen? By merging Development and Operations teams into one, powerful, collaborative unit. Getting hip to this mindset now is smart, because other companies are adopting it, too.

Build Connections While You’re Away by Ditching the Tired OOO Message [COMMUNICATION]
Most of us play it safe. We say we’ll be gone until Thursday and you can contact Maria if you need anything in the interim — and that’s it. But by taking a moment to add a touch of personality, a quick blurb of interesting info, or even a link to a new resource to your OOO auto-reply, you can still leave a positive impression when you’re actually working on your tan.


Be part of the OfficeNinjas team!
We’re looking for motivated, collaborative, and technically-elevated Ninjas to join our OfficeNinjas HQ team! Though we work remotely, our team tackles problems enthusiastically, communicates (through Slack) frequently, and works tirelessly for the good of the common Ninja. Sound like a group you’d like to be a part of? Check out our four open positions:

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