How to outsmart your own brain.
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If our brains responded to simple reason, we’d probably never suffer from anxiety, unhealthy habits, or procrastination. Logic would spare us the worry spiral, and discipline would catch us before we tumbled into a distraction-fueled Instagram wormhole.

But brains are not particularly obedient, are they? "Focus on this because you’re supposed to," rarely works. Less teacher’s pet and more the class clown — brains need to be tricked into cooperating.

So, in a sense, productivity comes down to... outsmarting your own brain. We promise it’s way more scientific (and less crazy) than it sounds.

Game on!
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You can develop a plan to beat your procrastination
The Playbook for Winning Against Akrasia
It may take some seemingly crazy tactics to tame a procrastinating brain, but you can beat it at its own game. The key is in knowing your mind craves instant gratification, which is why it often does the opposite of what you want it to do (aka the akrasia effect). With a few trick plays you can crush long-term goals, and your brain will be none the wiser.

Ritual. Rinse. Repeat.
Predictability breeds happiness — it’s part of our hardwiring. In fact, studies show that performing routines — like that morning coffee, lunchtime walk, or midday email organization — can relieve anxiety and help you improve key areas of your wellbeing.

Make Your New Workplace Habits Stick
We’ve talked about Jerry Seinfeld's productivity hack, "don’t break the chain." But what is it about putting a big red X over the day (literally or metaphorically) that helps us stick to our goals? Preserve, add to, and mend your "chain" with these science-backed tools.


We communicate the majority of information nonverbally
Never Say "I Don’t Know What to Do With My Hands" Again [PUBLIC SPEAKING]
Meaningful hand gestures have the power to make you more interesting and understandable. So whether it’s showing your palms when you’re being honest or putting your hand on your heart when you really mean something, here’s how to integrate the right gestures into your conversations and presentations.

How to Maintain Productivity in the Face of Chaos [PRODUCTIVITY]
Surprises in the workplace are something you can count on — for better or for worse. But no matter what situation work springs on you, you can still get through the day-to-day. Hone in on your goals, work in short bursts, and take time to give yourself the fuel you need.

Pay Closer Attention to Process (It’s Where You Hone Your Ninja-Skills) [GROWTH]
Tackling goals, with meh results? You may be too fixated on the outcome. Process is what matters most. When you feel the weight of crushing pressure, focus on what you can control: yourself, your attitude, and your actions. It won’t be easy at first, but when you keep your eye on the process, not the prize, you can win big.

Filler Words You Should Throw Out [COMMUNICATION]
Ninja, bookmark this article right now. And next time you write an email, come back to see how many hedging phrases, filler words, and jargon you used. Ditching phrases like "kind-of," "with regards to," "needless to say," and other fillers will give your communications a confidence boost.

Visualize Your Ideas Into Existence (Without Magic) [TECHNOLOGY]
Jotting down thoughts on a notepad never feels as empowering as it should. That’s because words alone don’t fully convey the meaning of a big idea or process. These visualization and mind-mapping tools can help you and your team turn ephemeral thoughts into solid strategies.


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