Train Your Brain.
Greetings, Ninja!

What’s your fitness routine?

Not the macro-counting, high-intensity interval training kind of fitness. We’re talking about mental fitness.

Just like how pro athletes commit to a training regimen, highly productive people have workout routines for staying on task. They actively stretch their attention spans, exercise their focus, and run memory-boosting drills.

So, how buff is your brain, and what can you do to keep it in shape?

Train on!
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Boost your memory powers with these steps
Strengthen Your Attention Span with Some Easy Exercises
Changing up your habits to gain more focus doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes simple steps — like hiding your phone, scheduling all your meetings in one day, or plugging in a motivating playlist — are exactly what you need to help you keep your attention on the tasks at hand.

Limit Your Information Options (And Grow From It)
What you consume, both physically and mentally, directly impacts your wellbeing. If breaking news only distracts and worries you, don’t tune in. If office gossip becomes harmful noise, leave the discussion. Maintaining a strict information diet will help you grow in the direction you want.

The Ultimate Training Guide to Boosting Memory
The only thing between you and a perfect memory? Just a few mind-games. Grab paper and a pen to try these five exercises. With practice, you’ll start to remember the name of every person who walks through the door, every meeting date you book, every new idea you have...


Caviar for Teams
Coordinating new and exciting meals that will make everyone on your team happy takes a lot of mental energy. Save your brain power for projects and keep your team’s taste buds delighted with OfficeNinjas partner, Caviar for Teams', vast network of local restaurants and features like fast delivery, plan-ahead ordering, and Slack-enabled team updates.
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1:1 meetings can be a powerful professional development tool
Schedule 1:1 Meetings with Your Boss Now (How and Why) [PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
Even if you interact with your manager on the reg, a structured weekly 1:1 meeting is still super valuable. It gives you more time than impromptu chats to talk through new challenges, get updates on the company, and build stronger communication and trust.

Avoiding Starting a Project? Use This Technique [MOTIVATION]
We all know the hardest part of any project is starting. But what if you had a go-to process that kicked off any task (from writing an email to launching a new business) in just 20 minutes? Don’t put that thing off any longer — use this straightforward guide to get started NOW.

To Keep Your Best People, Ditch Ineffective Office Rules [CULTURE]
Policies and procedures are created with the best intentions. But when they stop improving productivity and actually start driving good people away, it’s time to revisit the company handbook. Keep an eye out for these 10 morale killers.

Augmented Reality Is Becoming... Well, Real [TECHNOLOGY]
Augmented reality (the digital layering of artificial sensory elements onto the real world) is becoming much more useful than just for catching Pokémon. Soon, if you have problems with your car, your computer, or your DIY project, an AR app could show you what you’re doing wrong.

Putting the Human Back in Human Resources [RELATIONSHIPS]
When we’re laser-focused on a goal, we can sometimes forget the person sitting across from us is a human — not just an employee. This 30-min podcast is a great reminder of just that with stories demonstrating the power of investing in people and tips on how to build deeper connections in your office.


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