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  • How to say "NO" to office fundraisers without looking like a jerk
  • Practical tips for fighting kung flu season (Ninja chops, obvs)
  • How to acceptably drink at work and (not unrelated) office-friendly hangover tips
  • Japanese tidying (Yes, but does it bring you Joy???)
  • Why you should play tag with your colleagues

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You’re not yourself when you haven’t taken a break.
Reach Superhero-Level Productivity By... Taking a Break
Believe it or not, the answer to a lengthy to-do list isn’t just work harder. To reach peak productivity (we’re talking slayin’ villainous tasks and saving colleagues in distress), relying on meaningful, regular breaks — ones that take your brain far away from work — will give you a huge mental power boost.

How (And Why) to Go Above and Beyond a "Thank You"
Giving and receiving appreciation for a job well done keeps us motivated. But is "thank you" always enough? Next time a colleague puts in the extra work, take a moment to give specific praise of what they did well. Even simply asking "How did you pull that off?" conveys a massive amount of gratitude.

Get the Upper Hand in Your Next Salary Negotiation
Talking about money: awkward. Asking for more money after you’ve received an offer? Still awkward — BUT potentially critical. When you go into salary negotiations, remember three things: 1) The company wants YOU. 2) Companies respect someone who’s done their research. 3) There’s more for negotiating than just money... You got this!


Join us at one of our upcoming Adminglings.
Admingling events foster real conversation and a really good time for ambitious, fun-loving office pros. If you’re looking to find your tribe (finally) and swap stories, challenges, and solutions in a safe, supportive space — join us at an upcoming Admingling! Hurry, tickets go fast!

Dallas // Thu, Oct 18, 5:30–8pm (SOLD OUT)
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Washington, DC // Tue, Oct 23, 6–8:30pm
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New York City // Thu, Oct 25, 6–8:30pm
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Silicon Valley // Thu, Nov 1, 6–8:30pm
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San Francisco // Tue, Nov 6, 6–8:30pm
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Los Angeles // Thu, Nov 8, 5:30–8pm
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Manage up to ensure your boss’s requests aren’t just whims.
Why Bending Over Backwards for Your Boss Is a Time Waster [PRODUCTIVITY]
Ninjas, we know helping others is in your DNA — but bosses have a tendency to make some requests on a whim. Every offhand remark or fad-chasing idea your boss has doesn’t have to become a whole new initiative for you. Take back your time by regularly discussing the strategy behind any new tasks.

Make a Deposit into Your Mental-Model Bank [MANAGEMENT]
To tackle complex ideas, your brain uses mental-models to shape them into understandable thoughts. But you can’t rely on just a few of them to get by. To make better decisions, you need to continuously build your network of models. Add a few more to your brain bank with this guide originally developed for product managers.

How to Tell Which Decisions Are Important [TIME MANAGEMENT]
Not every decision requires the same amount of brain power. Spend your time on what matters (and figure out where to delegate) with this decision matrix — it breaks down judgment calls into 4 categories, from reversible & inconsequential to irreversible & consequential. Guess which one you should spend more time on?

What Diversity at Work Actually Looks Like [CULTURE]
Of course, you and your company care about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but what are you doing to make it happen? Schedule a sit-down with your higher-ups to discuss why it’s important to your organization, what baby steps you can try now, and how Recruiting can support your efforts.

How AI Assistants Will Change Org Structures [FUTURE OF WORK]
Why do we at OfficeNinjas HQ talk so much about the admin role evolving rapidly? Because technologies like AI Assistants are taking on traditional Ninja tasks. Even though these assistants seem pretty "dumb" right now, they’re creating the path to an autonomous organization. And we want you to be ready for your new role in the workplaces of tomorrow.


Join our team!
Speaking of OfficeNinjas HQ… we’re growing! We’re looking for a few nimble self-starters to join our fully remote team. (Though we do get together IRL whenever we can!) We work quickly, collaborate enthusiastically, take chances, find creative solutions, and do more with less to support the Office Ninja community. Sound like you or someone you know? See our open positions and learn about our hiring process on our Careers page.

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