Give (and get) mental health support at work.
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When it comes to supporting a colleague who is navigating mental health challenges, compassion is a good place to start. In some cases, a good ear and understanding are enough.

But what happens when an employee needs an extended mental health break? What should you do if a colleague seems unwell but isn’t asking for help? On the other hand, if you yourself are managing a diagnosis, how much information are you required to disclose?

Workplaces still struggle with the stigma and proper support of mental health management, which means questions like these often go unanswered.

Want to champion comprehensive workplace wellness in your company? You can do a lot by simply getting the conversation started — with your manager, your HR department, with yourself… In the meantime, let us remember to be gentle with each other.

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Understanding how your mind works (and when it doesn’t) can help you get... ahead.
Everyone's Brain is Complex, Powerful... and Often Wrong
Our minds are incredible. Every minute, they process astronomical amounts of data. How do they keep up? By skipping a lot. In most situations, it works. But occasionally... it doesn't. These built-in mental trip-ups are called cognitive biases. The good news? By understanding that we all have these hardwired missteps, we can work to catch ourselves, and we can be a bit more forgiving (to ourselves and each other) when we stumble.

Wildly Successful People Deal With Mental Illness, Too
Even successful people struggle with mental health — actually, especially them. Turns out, many common characteristics of acclaimed entrepreneurs or creative people align with symptoms of some mental illnesses. And when we see leaders harnessing their illness’s strengths or openly discussing their struggles, it can pave the way for better understanding for us all.

How to Talk to Your Boss About Mental Health
It can be painfully difficult to ask for a mental health day or to take extended time away from the office. Equally challenging is knowing how to help a coworker in need of assistance. Talking about these and other common workplace mental health scenarios now can help prepare you to handle them in the future.


How to draw the line with a workaholic boss.
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It’s great that your boss loves work. But that shouldn’t mean you have to work long hours, miss family time, or get pulled into high-stress situations. When dealing with a workaholic boss, be upfront about your expectations and honest about your plans. Simple discussions can help them recognize not everyone keeps their schedule — or should be expected to.

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The Best Setup for Your Training Space [LEARNING]
When giving a presentation, leading a training session, or organizing an idea-filled event – environment matters. Next time you’re preparing for an activity centered around learning, be strategic in your room design, comfort-level, and motivating factors.

The Sweet Spot Between Boredom and Burnout [PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
We all need challenge in our lives; it’s what helps us learn and grow. But we also need downtime. (See this week’s themed articles above ☝️.) This short, 12-minute podcast details how to moonwalk that fine line between boredom and burnout.


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