Saying NO from a place of YES.
Greetings, Ninja!

We Ninjas pride ourselves on achieving the impossible, solving the unsolvable, and churning out workplace miracles. We live in a place of "yes," but should we be more comfortable saying "no?"

Yes! (Wait, what?)

The truth is, being so hellbent on doing it all means there’s never enough time to become truly excellent at anything. And while a Ninja’s good enough may be better than many people’s great, we must continue to grow and excel — for ourselves — or risk burnout and disillusionment.

Achieving excellence in areas of our work requires establishing boundaries and protecting our time. It means mustering the courage to let ourselves be kinda bad (gasp) at some stuff. And it means saying "no" perhaps more often than we’re used to.

Maintaining our office hero status while on a quest for excellence is still totally doable though, right?


Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ


To be great requires you to say no.
Ninja Of All Trades, Master of None
It goes against Ninja instincts, but to be excellent at anything, you have to stop trying to be good at everything. In fact, you’re going to have to find the courage to be downright bad at some stuff. So, ask yourself some key questions: What am I great at? How can I hone in on it? And who can help support my weaker areas?

Arrest Your Time Thieves
Ever feel like your time at work is being... stolen? And that you’re pulled in every direction, constantly, so your mind can never fully settle into a task? Steal back your day and increase your performance by cutting out redundant status meetings, blocking out necessary hours for deep work, and consciously protecting your time.

How to Stay Ninja-Focused During the Holidays
We’ve checked Halloween off the list (boo!), and now the holidays are about to hit full swing. So what do you do when you have to bake cookies, meet work deadlines, and pick up your aunt from the airport? Start planning, preparing, and prioritizing — now.


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Never lose your passwords again.
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Frustrated by the neverending parade of login passwords you have to create, remember, and use just to get your work done? There’s a simpler way to boost your security and save a ton of time — password managers.

The Habits of Responsive Leaders [LEADERSHIP]
For office-leading Ninjas to stay on top in a rapidly changing workplace, we need to adopt the skills and habits today to make us more agile for tomorrow. In this 1.5-hour (trust us, it’s worth it) podcast, developmental coach and author Jennifer Garvey Berger shares habits to ensure continual growth, accelerated learning, and deepened relationships of trust.

You’re the Ultimate Collaborator (But Please Stop) [DECISION MAKING]
You’re the best team player the world has ever seen. You always say "yes" to new projects, you’re constantly communicating with others, and you wait for consensus from everyone before moving forward. And... you get nothing done. Here how to avoid the pitfalls of being an over-collaborator.

The Best Headphones for Getting Deep Work Done [TECHNOLOGY]
Our workdays tend to be divided in two ways: there are the times when we’re ultimate collaborators and love the flow of our open office design. And then there are times when we’re in get-ish-done mode and need to crank out deep-focus work. These headphones (starting at $80) are for the latter.

The Key to Reaching Goals? Reenvision Your Identity [PERSONAL GROWTH]
Who we are impacts what we do. And what we do impacts who we are. Hacking that vicious circle is what makes new habits stick. Imagine who you want to be, then prove it to yourself via small, daily wins. The goal isn’t to run a marathon — the goal is to be a runner.


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