You don’t like your coworker, and that’s OK.
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On screen, coworkers butt heads, and it makes for hilarious storylines and charming office foibles. We laugh about TPS reports and staplers suspended in jello molds, but, in reality, working alongside a difficult colleague can make you miserable and sabotage your productivity.

Since your office probably isn’t equipped with a laugh track and room full of witty scriptwriters, you need a plan for dealing with all types of challenging personalities, from micromanagers to classic Debbie Downers.

Empathy is a great place to start, and most Ninjas have it in spades. But what happens when your capacity for entertaining your coworker’s perspective disappears along with your last shred of patience?

Don’t worry — you’re definitely not the first person to work with a jerk. The brave office pros that came before us have developed strategies that are actually effective, so you can keep your job (and your sanity).

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Managing relationships with co-workers is a critical workplace skill.
Practicing Empathy Makes You a Better Leader
Why is it that when we watch a movie, we end up rooting for the main character? Often, it’s because the story unfolds from their point of view. So, when dealing with a difficult person in real life, work to see the situation from their perspective. Practicing these seven forms of empathy can become your most powerful leadership tools.

Dealing with a Coworker Who Always Feels Like the Victim
Working closely with someone who behaves like the world is out to get them can be a major drain on your productivity (and happiness). You don’t have to take it! Combat that negativity by offering counter-narratives, proposing solutions, or radiating positivity yourself.

You Don’t Have to Get Along to Work Together
The office is like a box of chocolates: overall it’s enjoyable, but there are usually a couple of pieces you just don’t care for. When they’re your coworkers, you can’t just toss them out. Make them more palatable by finding common ground, setting some boundaries, and trying to limit your interaction with them.


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Give your eyes a break.
Rest Your Screen-Tired Eyes [SELF-CARE]
We look at screens a lot (the average adult clocks in 9 hours a day!) — but our eyes weren’t designed for that kind of extended focus. Keep your eyes in shape using the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.

Being Unable to Take a Compliment is Holding You Back [PERSONAL GROWTH]
The last time you received a compliment at work, how did you react? With a "thank you?" A "no big deal?" A compliment returned? A list of why you don’t actually deserve the praise? If your default is one of the last three, you may have trouble seeing yourself as worthy of admiration. Next time, try responding with only a "thank you," and be proud, darn it.

Don’t Repeat Yourself. Don’t Repeat Yourself. [PRODUCTIVITY]
When it comes to productivity, doing things as few times as possible is a core principle. Put it into action by tracking your tasks and identifying what tasks you tend to play on repeat. Could you make a template for that weekly email you send out? Automate a daily form transfer? Or find an app to do it for you?

How to Be More Persuasive Over Email [COMMUNICATION]
Most emails are a negotiation. You start the bidding with info and a request, and then it's up to the recipient to take the deal or walk away from the table. Meanwhile, you never know if they’ll read the text the way you intend. Make sure your initial offer is the best it can be by creating catchy subject lines, crafting meaningful sign-offs, and formatting the copy so it’s easy-to-read.

Considering Working for a Startup? Think About This First [CAREER]
Do you like broad, big-idea thinking or targeted, highly focused work? Do you prefer speed and trial and error, or methodical, tried and true processes? There’s a number of factors you should consider if you’re thinking about jumping into the world of startups. Before you make the dive, work through this list.


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