You are your own best teacher.
Greetings, Ninja!

It’s been a minute since you’ve had to memorize a locker combination or organize a Trapper Keeper, but guess what? You’re still a student. The only difference is you’re in charge of everything from the curriculum to your daily schedule. No bogus pre-requisites or points docked for missing class — you decide what (and how) you want to learn.

It’s liberating… and a bit overwhelming. But, trust us, you don’t need four walls and a dusty chalkboard to continue your education.

You do need some expert guidance (there are tons of online resources and courses, many of which are free). Goals are important, but so is a healthy curiosity. And don’t overlook the importance of practical application and testing your newfound knowledge.

It turns out that "When will I ever use this in the real world?" is actually a valid question.

Rock on!
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Just because you’re a Ninja, doesn’t mean you can’t also be a barber, a fashion icon, or a dance
master — just ask 2018 All-Star Verlance Friar!
Next Stop: Discovery, Innovation, and Interestingness
They always say life is about the journey, not the destination. So, what happens if you set your heart’s GPS to arrive at Interestingness? You’ll diverge when your curiosity is piqued and take your time when you find something you like. And just maybe, in the end, you’ll arrive where you needed to go, exactly on time...

Cut Through the Clutter to Learn Online
With the world’s knowledge literally in the palm of our hands, continued learning is easier than ever. We know what you’re thinking — wading through all the junk can be daunting. Here’s how to find and use the right resources for your career development.

Growth Doesn’t Come From Reading Articles — It Comes From Practicing What They Say
We’re a big proponent of self-improvement articles and resources. (Have you noticed?) Reading is a powerful tool, but you know what’s even stronger? Doing. (Seems obvious, but our brains have a way of tricking us into thinking reading is enough.) So, try picking three ideas you've learned recently, and test them to see what happens.


Oh My Green
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Good conversation can happen anywhere with a few go-to strategies.
Engage in Good Conversation in Any Situation [COMMUNICATION]
Be it in the office, on a date, or in an interview, talking to people can be an anxiety-ridden dance. You want to seem interesting, but you don’t want to overstep boundaries. Terry Gross, celebrated host of NPR’s Fresh Air, says good conversation comes from being curious, prepared, and opening with "tell me about yourself."

How to Resist Your Phone When You’re an Infoholic [PRODUCTIVITY]
Do you spend your breaks refreshing your feeds or checking your inboxes? Do you feel anxious if you’re away from your phone for too long or cell service is slow? If you answered yes, you might have an information addiction. This survival guide outlines how to diagnose your problems and change your habits to live a more balanced life.

Finding a Job in the Age of AI Hiring [CAREER]
As a modern job seeker, it's crucial to understand current hiring tech. Many workplaces are using applicant tracking systems and automated recruitment pools — which means your resume might be passed over before anyone even looks at it. If you’re on the job hunt, you need to learn how to optimize your application for these AI screeners.

Editing Text on an iPhone Is Frustrating. Here’s a Hot Tip to Fix That [TECHNOLOGY]
Is there anything more mildly frustrating than wanting to copy or edit text on your phone but not being able to get the cursor positioned exactly where you need it? (ARGH 😤) Well, struggle no more! Instead, simply hold the space button down and easily move the cursor from there.

Confidence Makes You Happy (at Home and Work) [HAPPINESS]
There’s a massive correlation between happiness and confidence — but you don’t have to be cocky to increase your cheerfulness. Whether at work or home, you can give yourself a boost with these do’s (focusing on the good and doing what you love) and don’ts (sticking to the past, setting unrealistic goals) of confidence.


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