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There’s a kind of inexplicable joy that radiates when a good, solid plan comes together. In fact, the whole planning process itself can be remarkably satisfying: the research, the timelines, the goal-setting, the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve prepared for every likely scenario… Ninjas don’t just enjoy playing the long game – we’re pretty darn good at it. (And, of course, always looking for ways to improve.)

It’s no accident that your office is productively chugging along. But don’t forget to apply that same planning prowess to your own career. The workplace is evolving, and career development planning techniques are, too. Taking time to audit your current methods and allocating more attention to your personal goals is something Future You will not only appreciate — but is counting on.

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Planning for the future starts with a strategy and a whiteboard.
Ninjas Were Born to Play the Long Game
The rules of the short game are simple. Do what’s easiest and has an immediate (but short-lived) benefit. The long game is complicated — boring even. But when you continually stick to decisions that will help your future self, instead of appeasing your current self, the results can propel you toward the life you truly want to be living.

How to Set Yourself Apart in the Future of Work
Yep — emotional intelligence is important to set you apart from the job-stealing computers. But so is the ability to think more like a computer. Understanding how machines work, make decisions, and interact with humans will be key in merging automation and real people in the modern workplace.

Meeting Deadlines Requires a Major Ego Check
We know you’re quick, Ninja. You can do more in one hour than most in a day. But all of us fall into the trap of thinking we can work quicker than we actually can. It’s part of our hardwiring. The best planners recognize and counter their irrational optimism by planning for the what-ifs, breaking down their time, and managing it actively.


Time to Shine. OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards. Nominations are Open!
Get ready to give (or get) some serious praise and admiration — nominations for the 5th Annual OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards are officially open!

Each year, we set out to find five of the best and brightest office managers, operations pros, executive assistants, and workplace operators from across the US and Canada.

Know a Ninja who deserves some All-Star recognition? Are YOU that Ninja? Nominations are open until February 28, 2019, and it's completely free to nominate and win.


Foster your EQ to crush your next negotiation or conversation.
How to Use Your EQ During Negotiations [COMMUNICATION]
Negotiating is all about reading your audience. Be it a salary discussion with a potential employer or a breakroom debate with your coworkers, flexing your emotional intelligence can elevate your standing in crucial decision-making. Start honing your EQ by practicing self-awareness and understanding your internal motivators.

What to Consider Before You Start a Side Hustle [CAREER]
A regular 9-5 isn’t the only path for a person’s talents and passions. More people (including Ninjas) are opting to flex their skills and creativity through side hustles, too. Before you dive in, consciously consider what you’re looking for in a new side gig. Find a role that uses your best skills, and remember that money still matters.

Save Time and Automate Your gDrive [TECHNOLOGY]
If you’re constantly using gDocs, Sheets, and Gmail (like we at ON HQ are), learning to write and use simple scripts for these tools can allow you to customize them in powerful ways. Want to set up a recurring monthly report? Or automatically move new contacts into a gSheet? Google’s Apps Script lets you do it with snippets of JavaScript code. Don’t be afraid. Follow this step-by-step guide to start building customized scripts today.

Every Time Management Tip in the Book That Boosts Your Productivity [PRODUCTIVITY]
The problem with a lot of productivity tips is that they only work in isolated situations. So instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, check out this list of 100 useful tips, and pinpoint the ones that make sense for your environment and will amp up your productivity. From "eating the frog first" to scheduling "airplane days," you’re bound to find a few that work for you.

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking [NETWORKING]
Tip #1: don’t think of it as networking. It’s relationship building. Tip #2: you don’t have to work the whole room. Find someone you think you’d connect with, ask them real questions, and listen to how you could help each other. Tip #3 (and you’ll love this one): listen.


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