Learnability begets employability.
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By their very nature, investments are long-term endeavors. So how do you invest in your career when the future is so unpredictable? Sure, we can work off some well-founded assumptions for the next five years (have we mentioned that AI is important?). But what about the next 10 years? Or the next 25?

If you own a crystal ball, go ahead, dig it out, and let the gazing commence. Not clairvoyant? The best thing you can do is develop an ongoing habit of learning.

And while you should learn everything you can about your industry and your current role, don’t be afraid to venture into new territory, even if it feels outside the scope of your day-to-day life. As long as you’re constantly challenging yourself with new concepts, you’ll remain adaptable and, therefore, highly employable.

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Never stop learning
Lifelong Learning → Lifelong Employability
In a world of increasing automation and constant upgrades, learning and adaptability are your secret weapons for staying ahead. To outpace an ever-changing landscape, engage in short-burst learning every day with a few of your lifelong learner colleagues.

How to Prioritize Learning During Your Busy Work Day
It might be tough to justify investing in your future self when your current self has emails, meetings, and deadlines piling up as we speak. But to continue being a valuable team member, you can’t afford not to carve out time for your own professional development.

Why You Should Treat Yourself Like a Business
Picture your career as a company and yourself as its CEO. How’s business? Is it headed in the right direction? If not, take radical ownership of your limited resources and ensure they’re being spent on reaching the goals that matter to you.


Join us on April 24 for Admin Bash AND OfficeNinjas Conference 2019!
This Admin Day, we’re hosting our first-ever OfficeNinjas Conference (aka ON Con) in addition to throwing our 7th Annual Admin Bash. Experience a full day of deep learning followed by an evening of celebration by getting your all-access pass. Hurry, though. Early Bird tickets to both ON Con and Bash end March 15.

 Brainstorm with the team no matter how far apart you are with witeboard.
Need to Collaborate Online? Use Witeboard [COLLABORATION]
We love a free, simple, super useful tool. And witeboard is all three. Next time you need to collaborate virtually or want to quickly visualize a few concepts, open it up in your browser, and share the link with your team. (Bonus: it integrates with other tools like Slack!)

How to Budget for the Actual Amount of Time You Need [TIME MANAGEMENT]
Do you find yourself constantly racing the clock, pushing up to the last minute to meet a deadline or make a meeting? If you regularly wish you had just 10 more minutes, then it’s worth taking the time to read through this in-depth guide on how to never be late again.

Starting a New (Remote) Job? Use This Checklist [PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
The first month, six months, and year in a new job are critical to your long term success in that role. So what should you focus on during those key periods? Follow this clear action plan to lay a foundation that will allow you to grow quickly in your new position.

Declutter Your Brain for a Happier, More Productive Day [PRODUCTIVITY]
Keeping a mental log of your tasks can cause a serious drain on your brainpower. Each to-do takes up space in your working memory, which slows down your decision-making abilities. Improve your processing power by following these five steps for clearing your mental hard drive.

Refresher: The Dos and Don’ts of Networking [NETWORKING]
By now you know networking (or as we like to call it, relationship building) can be a powerful tool — but we can all use a refresher. Next time you find yourself mingling at an event, introduce yourself as a friend, bring a partner, and don’t forget your business cards.


Chicago, Seattle, Denver, NYC, and DC Ninjas — we’ll see you soon!
Taking time to learn is one of the best ways to invest in yourself — and at our Admingling events, local Ninjas connect, share, and learn together! Dig into this quarter’s theme, Expanding Your Role in the Changing Workplace, with fellow admins while enjoying great food and drinks in a lively venue. Join us at an upcoming event near you!

Chicago // Tue, Mar 19, 6–8:30pm
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Seattle // Wed, Mar 20, 6–8:30pm
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Denver // Tue, Mar 26, 6–8:30pm
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New York City // Tue, May 14, 6–8:30pm
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Washington, DC // Thu, May 16, 6–8:30pm
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