To solve your biggest challenges, give your brain a break.
Greetings, Ninja!

Here’s a thought for all the daydreamers out there: maybe we’re a little too focused on focus.

Yes, concentration is important. Sometimes you need to put on a pair of mental blinders and crush your to-do list.

But when it comes to critical thinking and retaining new information, studies show that unfocused time is crucial. While your conscious mind is taking a break, your unconscious mind is hard at work making sense of what you've just learned and forming creative connections.

So the next time you’re feeling stumped, give your mind permission to wander. It just may find what it’s looking for.

Rock on!
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Stuck on a problem? Take a break.
What Science Says to Do When You’re Stuck on a Problem
Sometimes our well-traveled problem-solving pathways lead us to a dead end. When you find yourself stuck at a mental roadblock, the best option is to take a break and walk away. This change in direction frees up your subconscious to explore uncharted paths forward.

Make Time to Digest New Information
Taking a break not only can help you uncover new solutions, but it can also help you better retain new learnings. Next time you come across an insight worth remembering, don’t just jump back into your to-dos. Give yourself time to connect with what you've learned.

How Inefficiency Allows You to Adapt to Change
We’re efficiency aficionados here at ONHQ, but we’ll admit... you can have too much of a good thing. Once you’ve reached maximum efficiency, any disruption to the status quo can be terrifying. So keep yourself open to change by dedicating time to inefficient exploration.


Admin Day. April 24, 2019.
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Delegation is a chance for growth.
Using Delegation to Make Everyone More Fulfilled [MANAGEMENT]
Ninjas, we know delegation is hard. But when you delegate outcomes (not tasks) you not only get more done, you also equip your team to handle future challenges. Fully utilize your talented teammates by collaborating on strategy (rather than just delegating implementation).

Say Adios to Scanning Paper Records Page-By-Page [TECHNOLOGY]
We hear about paperless workplaces all the time — but how many truly are? Meet Ripcord: a top-speed scanner that can automatically find and remove staples, adjust to different-sized docs, and create instantly searchable files. It may finally make paperless workplaces a reality.

When You Find Yourself Saying You’re Busy, It’s Time to Reprioritize [TIME MANAGEMENT]
Somehow, being busy has become a status symbol. When asked how we are, we yell "Busy!" over our shoulder as we continue crushing our to-do list. But being busy doesn’t necessarily mean we’re on the right track — usually, in fact, it means we're headed in the wrong direction.

The Power of (Thoughtful) Questioning [LEADERSHIP]
Questions are the best way to encourage innovation in your workplace — but only when asked the right way. To lead your team to insightful discoveries, start from a place of curiosity (not confrontation), explain your positive motivations, and encourage others to question you.

Small-Talk Doesn’t Have to Just Be Filler Talk [RELATIONSHIPS]
What’s the first movie you saw in theaters? It’s a small question that can lead to big moments of real connection. Next time you’re in the breakroom, skip the weather, and build your relationship with others by asking questions you’re actually interested in learning more about.


Chicago, Seattle, Denver, NYC, and DC Ninjas — we’ll see you soon!
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