Are you starting and ending your day right?
Greetings, Ninja!

Are you getting enough sleep? We already know the answer.

More than 1/3 of US adults are getting fewer than seven hours each night — and no surprise, it’s taking a real toll on our health and productivity. In fact, one study estimates fatigue-related productivity loss costs a company nearly $2,000 per employee annually!

Regularly catching a decent night’s sleep is one big part of presenting our best and most effective selves each day. Another big part? Both our evening and morning rituals.

We already know this, too — but are we actually doing anything about it?

It’s time to wake up and ask yourself: are my rest routines reenergizing or ruining me?

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Want to Win the Day? Go to Bed Early
When we’re feeling overloaded at work, it’s tempting to stay up late to get it all done. But those extra hours not sleeping will cost you. Not enough sleep makes us less productive during the day, which leads to more work that night. Break the chain by putting sleep first.

Is Your Evening Routine Sabotaging Your Sleep?
We know getting better sleep is easier said than done — that’s why an evening routine that preps you for rest (and a productive tomorrow) is essential. Build a ritual that puts your mind at ease, sets your morning up for success, and favors books over screens.

How to Spark Morning Momentum
Once your evening ritual is established, it’s time to craft a winning morning routine. Whether you desire to be more active, squeeze in time for learning, or prep the day ahead, a morning routine personalized for your goals will change the way you feel about waking up every day.


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How to Make Mentorship Work [CAREER]
Creating a mentorship program at work? Looking for a mentor? Hoping to become one yourself? Learn how to find your best match, lay ground rules, and get the most out of these invaluable relationships. Check out the insights from this in-depth study of 100 mentor-mentee matches.

The Ins and Outs of Smart Contracts [FUTURE OF WORK]
You may have heard the term "smart contracts" thrown around alongside "blockchain" and "bitcoin" — but what are the mechanics behind them and how can Ninjas use them? Get a better understanding of these secure, accessible, money-saving transactions powered by blockchain tech.

Build a Team Focused on These Winning Traits [CULTURE]
We want our teams to be the best they can be. So did Google. And after studying hundreds of teams, they discovered five traits that every successful one shared: dependability, structure and clarity, meaning, impact, and psychological safety. How many does your team have?

Tools to Keep You On-Task, Organized, and Creative [TECHNOLOGY]
New tool list! If you’re trying to better track your time, keep focused during the day, remember all of your passwords, collaborate with others, or find your daily inspo, this list of 20 tools delivers what you need to crush it every day (in any work environment).

Why Your Team Should Disagree More [COLLABORATION]
Disagreeing doesn’t always have to be a cringy moment. In fact, doing it effectively can create valuable and necessary change. The next time you find yourself at odds with someone, try these five steps to make it a bonding moment that effectively addresses the challenge.


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