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Personal change is hard enough. When others are involved, even the simplest tweak can seem like a monumental undertaking. But when there’s new tech popping up every day to disrupt the way we work, change management is an invaluable skill set.

And who better to lead the organization through those changes than a Ninja? We’re at the center of everything — connecting departments, people, systems, and technology.

That’s why we asked eight Ninjas to share their tips, advice, and strategies for successfully bringing change to the workplace.

Read their stories, and then make sure to share yours in our change management CONTEST! We’ll select the five best stories, and each winner will receive a beautiful, handmade OfficeNinjas Letterboard (take a peek below!).

Be sure to enter before Friday, April 12. Good luck!

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Workplace change starts with empowered Ninjas.
How to Get Your Coworkers Onboard With Workplace Change... And a Contest!
Change is hard, especially when it disrupts the office status quo. But it can be welcomed with preparation, communication, and persistence. Check out these concrete strategies from eight Ninjas to use for your workplace. Then share your story to be entered to win an OfficeNinjas letterboard, brought to you by Bevi!


Why Trust Needs to Be a Cornerstone of Company Culture
People who trust their company have twice as much energy at work. And take fewer sick days. And are more satisfied with their lives. So how do you start building that culture of trust between colleagues and leadership? Get personal, keep your word, and recognize hard work.

Workplace Culture Develops in Everyday Interactions
Company culture isn’t just happy hours and conference room themes — it’s the sum of every expectation and interaction in the office. To create a more engaging culture (one that actually empowers and motivates), focus on well-being, appreciation, and connection.


Admin Bash, April 24, 2019
We’re less than a month away from the biggest Admin Day celebration of the year — and the only way to understand the unparalleled networking opportunities, delicious local fare, and engaging activities is to experience it yourself.

Join us on Wednesday, April 24, from 5:30–8:30pm in San Francisco, to share the phenomenon!


Your screen time is limiting your productivity.
ALERT! Screen Shifting Steals Your Productivity [TECHNOLOGY]
Most people check their phones 58 times a day! And that constant attention switching zaps your productivity. Each switch eats up time as you have to ramp back up to where you left off. Luckily, you don’t have to throw your phone away. Just change these settings.

Excel Skills: An Intro to Pivot Tables [WORK SKILLS]
Need an employee headcount for separate departments, a break down of attendance, or to see data as percentages? But the info you need is buried in an endless spreadsheet? Learn how to easily answer those questions and more with this introduction to pivot tables.

Make Smart(er) Decisions and Avoid Bad Ones [DECISION MAKING]
The classic pro-con list works well when deciding what to have for lunch but not when it comes to important, consequential choices. By building a foundation of thinking frameworks (like found in this master list!), you can make the best decisions possible when it matters most.

Take Back Your Time With 4 Simple Questions [PRODUCTIVITY]
We’ve got a simple productivity challenge for you. Pull out your to-dos, and for each item, ask yourself if you can eliminate, automate, delegate, or do it later. These questions will get you thinking about how you can better use your time today to free up your time tomorrow.

Keep Your Embarrassing Notifications to Yourself — A Guide to Screensharing [PRESENTATION]
Our desktops are a look into our inner lives. So is there anything more nerve-wracking than sharing our screen with our co-workers? What if a message pops up? Or they see all of our open tabs? Keep your private life private by changing these computer settings now.


NYC and DC Ninjas — we’ll see you soon!
Taking time to learn is one of the best ways to invest in yourself — and at Admingling events, local Ninjas connect, share, and learn together. Dig into this quarter’s theme, Expanding Your Role in the Changing Workplace, with fellow admins while enjoying great food and drinks in a lively venue. Join us at an upcoming Admingling near you!

New York City // Tue, May 14, 6–8:30pm
Learn More about AdminglingNYC

Washington, DC // Thu, May 16, 6–8:30pm
Learn More about AdminglingDC

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