May is for Mental Health Awareness.
Greetings, Ninja!

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Mental health is a complex subject with many explorable facets. We wanted to tackle a few. For each newsletter in May, we’ll dive deeper into one important aspect of mental health management.

This week, let’s start with a discussion about emotions at work. That is, shouldn’t they be kept out of the workplace? No!

In fact, the effort to try to separate our "life" from our work is one of the leading causes of stress in the workplace. Meanwhile, effectively communicating how you are feeling is critical to any successful collaboration.

In the age of AI, emotions are a human superpower. When we make an effort to own and hone ours, we can improve our self-awareness and help inspire and motivate our teams.

Rock on!
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Emotions belong in the workplace.
Why Emotions DO Belong in the Workplace
"Emotional" can be a dirty word in American workplaces. Yet every company has an emotional side to its culture — whether it’s talked about or not. Workplace cultures based on open expression can make work more meaningful, reduce burnout, and improve collaboration.

What’s Stressing Us Out at Work?
If you’re feeling stressed at work, you're not alone. Half (!) of today’s workers report feeling the same. And 70% report it’s due to workload and lack of work/life balance. What’s the key to overcoming this? Learning to set and relentlessly stick to realistic priorities.

You ARE Enough, Ninja
Let’s get real — you’re a total badass. But external factors can quickly chip away at a sense of self-worth. Luckily, you can build yours back up and challenge the "not-enough" mindset by reflecting and pursuing what you value about yourself and sharing it with others.


Stocking the break room just got easier with
Stocking the break room just got easier. Not only will Safeway Grocery Delivery (one of our amazing 2019 Admin Bash partners) deliver your groceries and kitchen supplies (hello, same-day delivery!), they’ll fill your shelves and take away any packaging remnants. Just place an order, and your work is done.

Follow your instincts when you want to say
Stop Saying "Yes" When You Want to Say "No" [PERSONAL GROWTH]
Ninjas — repeat after us: "Saying no does NOT make me a bad person." Your time, skills, and mental capacity are too valuable to engage in tasks that don’t fit your priorities. A direct but polite "no" upfront is achievable (with practice!) and saves everyone time and energy.

How to Find Routine in Your Most Chaotic Days [PRODUCTIVITY]
Routine reigns supreme in the world of productivity. And routines are easy ... if every day is exactly the same. But what if every day at work looks different? Bookend your day with routines, listen to your body, and give yourself cues to know when you need to dial in.

Slack + Office 365 = Happy Ninjas [COLLABORATION]
Big news! Slack and Office 365 are finally integrating. You can now access Office 365 files, email, and your calendar right within the Slack browser. Sharing OneDrive files, scheduling Outlook calendar appointments, and reviewing PowerPoints just got a whole lot faster.

Best Practices for Traditional/Remote Hybrid Teams [COLLABORATION]
When companies utilize both remote workers and traditional staff, team members not in the office can feel isolated and left behind. And in-office staff can feel frustrated at a "lack" of communication from remote staff. Keep your hybrid team synced by thinking remote first.

Claim Back Your Day with Block Scheduling [TIME MANAGEMENT]
Is your calendar packed with back-to-back, unrelated tasks? You may be losing time and energy to switching mental gears. Reclaim that lost productivity by batching related tasks and scheduling meetings together. The longer you can stay within the same mindset, the better.


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