Ready to jump back in?
Ready to jump back in?
2020 Greetings, Ninja!

Even if you’re usually anti-resolution, you just may be tempted to set a few this year. After all, we’re entering a whole new decade and the Era of the Office Ninja — 2020 is basically begging you to live your best life.

But as you finalize your F.A.S.T. goals and take a canister of Clorox wipes to your workspace, consider giving one more thing a good cleaning: your brain. You can’t expect to upgrade or reimagine your habits and goals if you’re working within outdated thought patterns, right?

Though a daunting prospect, you owe it to your ambition to clear your mind and start fresh where it makes sense. Maybe that means cultivating a beginner’s mindset (it’s in there underneath all that Ninja wisdom); challenging your existing beliefs (and shushing the inner critic); or experimenting more intentionally with daily routines that make sense for your authentic lifestyle (not an abstract ideal).

A yearly calendar flip is as transformational as you allow it to be. And so is every other day of the year.

Happy New Decade!
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Walk into 2020 with these thinking best practices.
Problem-solving in our rapidly changing world demands creative new approaches. Rather than maintaining the fixed orientation characterized by frozen thinking, theoretical physicist Leonard Mlodinow calls for an elastic outlook.
While they sometimes turn out to be baddies, mad scientists are also brilliant inventors. Their go-to test subjects? Themselves. You, too, can leverage the incredible power of self-experimentation to improve your life — minus the whole super-villain part.
It sounds like the stuff of motivational posters, but it’s also true: You get what you’re willing to tolerate. These six steps can help you train the world how to treat you.

for the New Era?
Welcome to 2020. Where leading organizations invest in world-class education programming to formally position Ninjas as strategic business partners.

Where managers don’t just marvel at what Ninjas can accomplish amidst the chaos — they help clear pathways to maximize results.

Where Ninjas’ titles and salaries finally begin to reflect their true value and contributions.

Because when today’s administrative professionals are set up — not just to survive, but thrive — entire organizations win big.

Ready to mark the Era of the Office Ninja? Join your community of peers online and IRL at Admin Week 2020 this April.

trend in 2020? Flexibility, empowerment, and empathy.
Some companies have been preparing for The Future™ for awhile now, and they’re getting it right. These 10 emerging workplace trends will finally go mainstream in 2020, according to research by work futurists.
When it comes to effective leadership, “Frequent, Ambitious, Specific, and Transparent” now trumps “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound,” says MIT management experts.
Today’s hot job market has brought rising employment rates for Americans with disabilities. Disability-friendly workplaces aren’t just a necessity — they’re an investment in the future.
Emotional Intelligence
Even if your company doesn’t name an official “Director of Compassion” (like Seattle wealth management firm Brighton Jones did), you can still become a stronger leader by practicing compassion correctly.
We know you'd never embarrass yourself with drunken office party antics, but those hard-partying days may be behind all of us as a new wellness trend takes hold...

What’s your leadership style? Discuss with your peers at an upcoming Admingling!
What do you want others to see and feel when you interact with them? And how might you grow your influence in your workplace?

Join us at one of the first Admingling events of 2020, where we’ll explore how to bring The Art of Influence into daily interactions.

Secure early bird tickets for a limited time in these cities:
  • Chicago
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  • More cities to be announced in the coming weeks!

Careers aren’t always linear — we love learning about the various paths that led you to your Ninja role. This is a list of (just a few!) of the titles community members told us they’ve previously held. Add your own experiences to the conversation on our Facebook page!
Cashier, inventor, usher, director of communications, artist…

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