Tension at work?
Tension at work?
Greetings, Ninja!

Workplace energy is more contagious than the common cold. A bummer vibe can start with one milquetoast manager or a rude colleague and, before you know it, the whole office is infected.

So, how can you protect your personal chi? What’s the energetic equivalent of hand sanitizer?

Essentially, it’s perspective.

Treat negative energy as a learning opportunity, and the cowardly bosses and toxic teammates won’t drag you down in the muck. Their questionable behavior will actually teach you about your own leadership style. They may even (unknowingly) help build your professional resilience and catalyze your career.

You know how exposure to germs and viruses actually strengthens your immune system over time? You can bolster your personal energy in the same way. (And without getting a runny nose.)

Stay healthy, Ninja!

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2020 All-Star nomination period closes TOMORROW!
Nominations for the 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards end tomorrow, Feb 28, at 11:59 pm PST.

Spread a little positive energy in the office by honoring a deserving Ninja or Ninja Team — self nominations welcome!

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