Take initiative… but at the right time.
Take initiative… but at the right time.
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You’ve got ideas, ambition, and big, hairy, audacious goals. But before you take the reigns and gallop into your next project, understand that being proactive can sometimes backfire. We’d never tell you to completely ignore your inner go-getter — just ask ‘em a few clarifying questions:

  • Do I have my manager’s enthusiastic support on this initiative?
  • Does this initiative align with long-term goals?
  • Can I take on this initiative and still fulfill my primary job responsibilities (without running myself ragged)?
  • Will my success in this initiative truly benefit my workplace?

Any NOs or NOT SUREs? Pump the breaks, Tiger. You don’t need to always lead the charge to maintain your Ninja identity. Sometimes hitting pause on an idea (or even abandoning it completely) is the smartest course of action.

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