Is your boss likeable… and effective?
Is your boss likeable… and effective?
Greetings, Ninja!

Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s tough to be your boss.

Let us clarify: it’s tough to be anyone’s boss. Nevermind the responsibility to lead a team and shepherd others’ careers while meeting performance goals and managing competing priorities. According to recent research, those in charge also have to worry about being liked (not just respected) in order to be perceived as effective.

And being effective requires a lot of calculated risk-taking. Play it safe and you could come off as dull and uninspired. Take too many chances (even in your personal life) and you could be flagged as a potential liability.

So, if your boss has rescheduled your weekly 1:1 for the third time this week, try not to take it personally. Engage your own leadership presence to assess and help manage the chaos. Because strong leadership is collaborative. And those execs have an incredible partner in you.

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2019 with a Ninja-only self-care giveaway.
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Join us for one of the first Admingling events of 2020.
Want to kick off 2020 with a powerful network of peers?

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Join us for an evening of networking and lively discussion with Ninjas committed to growing their workplace influence in 2020.

After 8 years of meeting with thousands of Ninjas from across the country, it was clear to us that the admin profession was evolving. To accelerate this important change in the workplace, OfficeNinjas launched an executive-level administrative education program in partnership with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business — one of the top 10 business schools in the world, training thousands of leaders across the globe.

The inaugural Leadership & Communication course of this new program took place at UC Berkeley’s beautiful Haas campus on Dec 12-13, 2019, with 42 high-performing admin professionals in attendance (30% of whom flew in from out of town). Each member of the inaugural cohort has an insatiable inner drive to excel and represent the future of the profession.

The day is coming where the importance and impact of the admin role will be known and valued by all. We look forward to being arm-in-arm with the community as we go forth into this exciting future.

The OfficeNinjas Executive-Level Career Development Program will formally launch in 2020. Sign up for updates on upcoming courses and online learning opportunities.
Cohort members, OfficeNinjas, and UC Berkeley Haas faculty celebrate the completion of the
inaugural Leadership & Communications course of our Executive-Level Career Development Program.

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