Can your manager become a leader?
Can your manager become a leader?
Greetings, Ninja!

The workplace is changing, roles are shifting, and Ninjas are honing the skills they need to stay relevant.

So, what are their managers doing?

If they’re smart, they’re paying attention and following suit. Office pros aren’t focused on simple, isolated tasks, so managers don’t need to be the taskmasters they once were.

Instead, Ninjas need them to be integral members of their teams who promote autonomy and efficiency. They need to recognize the importance of their organization’s goals and each individual team member’s purpose.

And while they could maybe get away with just paying lip service to the concept, they need to really, truly facilitate diversity at work.

In other words, managers need to be leaders.

They say it’s lonely at the top, but all we see is plenty of space for everyone.

Rock on!
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Managers can (and should) help their employees find a purpose.
Most of us don’t need to be micromanaged on our daily tasks. We know the drill. Where we do need support? Finding purpose, and sticking with it. Managers have the ability to guide their employees to a fulfilling career — if they create opportunities for a few thoughtful conversations.
Managers don’t need to be taskmasters for their employees — we have software for that! In today’s world of motivated workers, managers are most valuable when they help employees understand the context of their tasks in relation to the organization’s greater goals.
Age differences exist in any workplace, and managing someone older than you (or getting managed by someone younger than you) can be difficult. Whatever situation you’re in, experts on this Dear HBR: podcast walk you through how to navigate those relationships.

Networking doesn’t have to be awkward if you have THESE questions ready.
Don’t walk into another networking event without this resource saved on your phone. With just a few key questions, you can turn awkward encounters into meaningful connections you actually continue to grow past the event.
A good playlist motivates you through your workout, so why not your workday? HubSpot crafted the perfect playlist to pump up your day. If Lizzo (or Bon Jovi or Queen) can get you through the StairMaster, they can definitely get you through those expense reports.
In our always-connected world, we often feel like if there's WiFi, we should be working — even on vacation. But time off shouldn’t be treated lightly, and these testimonials demonstrate why you should take your PTO the same way you take your paycheck.
Focusing at work is tough. You’ve got three tasks to do at once, emails flying in every minute, and visitors at your desk just as often. So when you’re trying desperately to pull off some “proven” productivity method — remember that focusing is an art, not a science. Find what works for you.
Even the most efficient and communicative remote teams need to meet IRL from time to time. Use this location tool to find a central venue for your team, whether you’re spread across town or across the country.

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An unfortunate but common scene for most Ninjas.

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