They’re Playin’ Your Song.
Greetings, Ninja!

They say music soothes the savage beast… but can it wrangle the Ninja brain?

If you’ve ever thrown on a pair of headphones and busted through your to-do list, you know the answer is YES. Music is a motivator. But, according to the pros, the tune has to match the task, or it could lead you to distraction/mindless chair dancing.

Is your productivity playlist legit, or could you spin a tighter set? We’ve got the science and tech tools to help you take your personal DJ skills to the next level.

Rock on!
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Choose the best jams to get you through the day
Slay Your To-Do List with the Right Playlist
Music can help you jam through repetitive tasks, fill a blank page with brilliant ideas, or calm your nerves before a big presentation. The trick? Finding the right playlist for each workplace situation: churning through tasks (hello, upbeat tunes!), creative brainstorming (50–80 beats/sec is the sweet spot), or leading a big meeting (think highlights reel).

Music vs. Silence: Which Is Really the Best for Productivity?
Are you on Team Beats or Team Be Quiet? And which is best for getting more done? Dr. Barbara Oakley — author of Mindshift, A Mind for Numbers and creator of the popular online course Learning How to Learn (with over a million enrolled students!) — weighs in on the age-old battle.

This App Creates Music for Your Brain
If you find it difficult to create those situation-specific playlists, why not let the robots at help you? Just don’t expect to recognize any of their song selections — this music app uses AI (and help from auditory neuroscientists) to instantly create music designed to enhance focus, relaxation, meditation, or sleep in just 15 minutes of use! Bye, Beethoven.


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Build close workplace relationships for more efficient teams
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Ever come home after a full schedule of meetings, quick chats, and email exchanges feeling like you didn’t have one meaningful conversation all day? Strong relationships are critical to getting things done. These seven TED Talks will help you build those true connections.

It’s Complicated: A Dive into Workplace Friendships [RELATIONSHIPS]
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In a room full of big personalities, judgemental ears, and offhand remarks, the idea of sharing your point of view can seem paralyzing. But with prep, practice, and a commitment to squashing qualifier words, you can assert your voice (confidently!) anywhere in the workplace.

Do Things Move like Molasses in Your Office? Start Building Trust [CULTURE]
Big companies tend to run less efficiently than small ones. The reason for their sluggish pace? No, it’s not their size — it’s their lack of trust. Learn how culture plays into company-wide speediness, and find out how you can improve your own workplace.

Workplace Inclusivity Is Everyone’s Job [DIVERSITY]
You already know that a sense of belonging is critical to a positive work experience. But did you know, for many employees, a feeling of exclusion is the norm? While tackling diversity and inclusion can be uncomfortable, there are simple things you can do now to make a huge difference in your coworkers’ workday.


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