You are your habits.
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You’ve got goals, which means you’re probably already thinking about your daily habits. After all, what you actually do on a daily basis is what gets you to your destination (or steers you off course). So are you on the right path?

If you’re tracking your habits, you’ve got a pretty clear answer to that question. If not, we can help with a tool our co-founder Nancy Chen-Salgado, created herself.

Nancy wanted to re-establish healthy habits in 2019. She needed a simple tool that offered a holistic approach, some customization, and a touch of gamification — so she designed her own! And she’s sharing it (along with some of her best user tips) with you. Download it for free and let us know what you think!

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If you want to stay focused on a goal, you’ve got to track your progress.
Download the (Surprisingly Simple) Habit Tracker Our Co-Founder Uses
Simple but powerful, the desire to not break the chain is an incredible motivator. This easy-to-use daily habit tracker allows you to visualize your progress and keep tabs on what you’re actually accomplishing.

Feel Like You Don’t Have Time to Exercise? Try Snacking On It
Working out (and the prep involved) can feel like an unmanageable time commitment, making it easy to write off exercise entirely. But what if all you needed was four minutes? There are no excuses not to find time to move with this exercise “snacking” strategy.

How to Build Leadership Habits Rooted in Love (Not Fear)
Impactful leaders tap into the emotions and aspirations of their team to inject soul and purpose into the company. To unite and catalyze your team around a powerful mission, take time to meaningfully connect with them.


Standup and Countertop Bevi
Are you staying hydrated at work? How about the rest of your team? Bevi, the smart water dispenser with customizable still, sparkling, and flavored waters, will keep the office refreshed — and cut down on waste. And thanks to Bevi’s smart tech that notifies technicians whenever your machine needs servicing, stock management is a breeze.

 Team-building activities can often be simple and inexpensive to organize
How to Build Your Team Through Group Activities [TEAMWORK]
Leave the trust falls and corny games behind — real team building allows collaborators to develop their individual skills and find their role within a group. Start by designing activities that have tangible goals and will continue to foster communication across the office.

Acknowledge These Biases Before Making Your Next Big Decision [DECISION MAKING]
Our brains regularly distort reality, so our feelings don’t get hurt (thanks, brain). But by sheltering us, our minds tend to lead us toward mistakes, irrational reasoning, and ineffective decisions. To begin counteracting those effects, start by simply opening your eyes to your brain’s tricks.

Forget Data Breaches. Your Email is the Weakest Link in Your Online Security [TECHNOLOGY]
Wondering how to better protect yourself online? Start with your email. Every day you send important information. So secure your data by implementing simple safety standards like encryption and two-factor authentication.

Stuck in an Open Office? Make It Work for You [COLLABORATION]
Whether you’re firmly pro- or vehemently against open offices, we can all agree the best floor plan is a flexible one that respects each workers’ needs. Increase productivity and happiness by giving everyone a chance to customize their environment (it involves adding wheels to everything!).

Organizing Your Life Goes Beyond Physical Spaces [PRODUCTIVITY]
Who else is on that KonMari kick? Organizing specific aspects of your life can make you more productive, and yes, more joyful. But we’re not just talking about cleaning off your desk. Tap into bigger organizational “clutter” and tidy your finances, calendar, and relationships.


Join us at one of our upcoming Adminglings.
What’s the secret ingredient that makes our Admingling events so admazing? Ninja camaraderie. You’ll share experiences, swap tips, and dig deep into meaningful workplace topics with your fellow office pros — all within a unique and lively venue. Ready to join us? The first four dates of 2019 are LIVE. Get tickets now!

This Quarter’s Theme: Expanding Your Role
As the workplace changes, a Ninja must continually evaluate their role, skillset, and the unique value they bring to the table.

Silicon Valley // Tue, Feb 20, 6–8:30pm
Learn More about AdminglingSV

Chicago // Tue, Mar 19, 6–8:30pm
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Seattle // Wed, Mar 20, 6–8:30pm
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Denver // Tue, Mar 26, 6–8:30pm
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