Why Every Ninja Needs a Bot Squad
Greetings, Ninja!

Ominous voiceover: The bots! There are so many of them. They’re taking over!
Ninja: Great! Now I can get some work done!

A smart bot is a Ninja’s best friend; the more time-sucking tasks (e.g., expense reports, shipment tracking, invoice management, etc.) you can automate, the more energy you can put toward more strategic responsibilities like employee engagement, workplace operations, and external communication.

Having an arsenal of coordinated and well-designed bots is like having dozens of self-managed assistants dedicated to your professional success (and sanity).

Have you assembled your bot squad?

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ


Bot Squad
What’s a Bot and How Can It Help Me?
You already interact with bots on the reg—Siri and Cortana are the most famous ones. Learn how you could use bots in your work life to manage your organization’s expenses, order food for meetings, and find the best products your co-workers need.

The 10 Best Bots for Office Ninjas
Convinced that bots will make your life easier? Here are 10 of the best ones for Office Ninjas, including, that can help you schedule meetings, make travel arrangements, source warm introductions through mutual contacts, and more.

Automate Your Day with This Definitive List of Bots 👊
Ready to take the leap into a bot-filled, stress-reduced work life? Here’s a site that lists almost every single bot out there, but don’t worry, we filtered it to feature office management bots. Use the site to search in other areas too—there’s some great shopping bots!

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Why Crypto Startups Are Looking for Operations Professionals [CAREER]
Crypto businesses (orgs dealing with cryptocurrency like Coinbase) are the fastest growing industry in the nation, boasting higher salaries, lower barriers to entrance, and a demand of operations professionals—that’s you, Office Ninjas!

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Running a successful meeting can be an endeavor. Luckily, we found this list of applicable tips so you can be a well-oiled meeting machine. With these recommendations in mind, you’ll impress your co-workers with a meeting that does way more than an email ever could.


Admingling Movie Trailer
This official Admingling Movie Trailer 🎬 will get you pumped for our next round of events. We’ll be chatting about the evolution of the workforce and how technology—bots, blockchain, automation—will be the driving force. Plus, we’ll be in a top-notch venue, eating tasty food and libations, and chatting with like-minded Ninjas!

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