It’s never too late to develop your passion.
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Passion isn’t just for artists and activists. Regardless of your current profession or title, a fire in your belly can help drive you to achieve goals, live authentically, and garner the support and respect of your peers.

But what if the question of what lights you up, leaves you feeling a little dim? Don’t worry. Most people aren’t born with a passion — and discovery doesn’t require a big “aha” moment.

Identifying and developing a passion is a process. It takes time to grow. And, if thoughtfully cultivated, it will change and grow along with you.

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Believe in yourself and others will follow
Passionate People Are Popular (Here’s Why)
People who know themselves (and know what they love) are easy to spot. They have a way of aligning their values and actions, and embracing their entire self, and we can’t help being drawn to them because of it. You can hone in on your self-belief and start enacting change, too.

Why Finding (and Following) Your Why is Critical to Your Work and Life
Do you find yourself hiding who you are at work to try to fit in? To avoid rocking the boat? It’s not always easy to be courageous, especially in a world of rules — but authenticity matters. And as we grow and transform, being authentic isn’t so much about being true to yourself — rather, it’s developing the emotional security and freedom to be and do whatever you want. Develop your own courage and authenticity through thought exercises and practice for a happier, freer life.

Where Do I Start To Find My Passion?
Okay, you get it, passion is important — it’s what drives us, gives us meaning, and propels others to follow. But what if there’re plenty of things you like, but nothing you seriously love to do? Or what if what you love to do changes regularly? Try these five steps for uncovering passion.


Oh My Green
It’s no secret that what we put into our bodies directly impacts our health and passion-pursuing productivity. Oh My Green knows how hard it can be to take time out of the workday to make good food choices. That’s why they’re the one-stop kitchen management shop for healthy, better tasting snacks and beverages for your team.
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It’s less of when you wake up and more about how you wake up
No, You Don’t Have to Wake Up at <Insert Time> to Crush It [PRODUCTIVITY]
You’ve probably been told that successful people wake up at 4 am. Or was it 4:30 am? Or 5 am? It seems to change depending on who’s being interviewed. That’s because the truth is, successful people wake up when it’s right for them — they calculate what they want to get done and when, and set their alarms to help them achieve those things. Whether it’s before the sun comes up or well after, design your day so you can be your most productive self.

When Should You Include Others in a Decision? [DECISION MAKING]
Let’s be real: sometimes the best decisions do not require a group consensus. And sometimes they do. So, how do you determine when to make your own judgment call and when to open it up to a committee? This 22-minute video provides a framework for deciding who needs to be involved and when.

What To Do When Resentment Creeps In [SELF-CARE]
Resentment can be tricky to identify, but when it shows up, it’s a neon sign that something needs to be addressed, and swiftly. If that thing is left unchanged, the stress and unease it’s caused can become debilitating. Next time you feel resentful, notice what triggered that feeling, analyze why it’s getting to you, and take action.

Magic for Your Spreadsheets (aka Conditional Formatting) [WORK SKILLS]
Spreadsheets are the ultimate organization tools, sorting endless amounts of data into neat rows and columns. But the more numbers, facts, and figures you have, the harder it can be to see anything but a wall of information. Enter Conditional Formatting. This tutorial will get you started on how to make important info pop.

Open Up Your Office for Innovation [COLLABORATION]
Don’t worry, you don’t have to knock down any physical walls to cultivate an environment of innovation. But you do have to start chipping away at personal walls and workflow dams already in place. Share something interesting about yourself, let people in on a project before it’s done, and take time to discuss failures. You may be surprised by the new pathways to innovation (and camaraderie!) that open up as a result.


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