Prepare for failure to set yourself up for success…
Prepare for failure to set yourself up for success…
Greetings, Ninja!

Want to spook your co-workers? Skip the urban legends and whisper one word in your most ominous voice: FAILURE.

Failure can be scary. Maybe not in a the-call-is-coming-from-inside-the-house kind of way, but worrying about your career, reputation, and livelihood can make you jumpy and give you nightmares.

But here’s the good news: unlike vampires and chainsaw-wielding zombies, failure won’t kill you. You will survive… but will you recover? And will you do better next time? That part is up to you:

  • Know your strategy expectations (we’ve got a handy checklist to get you started)
  • Recognize the behaviors of unsuccessful people and avoid them
  • Consider that failure may happen and have a plan
  • When visiting a haunted house, don’t stare into any mirrors
  • If it’s a dark and stormy night, just stay home
  • Avoid clowns at all costs

Happy Halloween!
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Recently we asked our Facebook community what motivational phrase or mantra is getting them through the week. Our favorite response (and perfect reminder for a Thursday)? “Friday is coming.” Thanks to Ninja Donna J. B.!
Friday is coming.

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