What state (of mind) are you in?
What state (of mind) are you in?
Greetings, Ninja!

We love a good "fake it ‘til you make it" success story. But when it comes to your emotional and mental health, honesty really is the best policy. Especially at work.

Research shows that slapping on a smile, despite feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety, can worsen your emotional state and have a negative impact on your career.

Conversely, taking stock of your true feelings, changing what you can, and proactively upgrading your subconscious (sounds kinda woo, but it’s actually quite practical) can facilitate stronger connections in the workplace — even if the workplace is now your couch.

Feel your feelings, Ninja. They’re telling you something you need to know.

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Here’s the difference between worry, stress, and anxiety.
Worry, stress, and anxiety are all facts of life — but they’re often mistaken as interchangeable. Correctly identifying which one you’re truly experiencing can help you find peace faster.
Think getting emotional in the workplace will hurt your career? Think again. Researchers say faking positive feelings at work may be undermining your success.
Our normal lives feel comfortable to us, but they can also hold us back. Strategic Coach founder Dan Sullivan has strategies for leveling up to better new normals.

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meetings more efficient with a better meeting agenda strategy.
Time Management
Meetings are a bane of modern existence, but it may be time to start putting the blame where it’s due — not on pointless meetings, but on ineffective agendas.
Politics are increasingly present in today’s workplaces. Now comes research suggesting that if your political views are at odds with your company’s, your performance may suffer.
Location flexibility is key in telecommuting — as is data safety. Remote workers can do their part to align these two imperatives using a simple security checklist.
Leadership, initiative, social influence, creativity, and idea generation are skills often found in people with dyslexia. These same skills will be vital to the workforce of the future, researchers say.
Once the exclusive domain of Silicon Valley, nap pods, free meals, and masseuses are now omnipresent. While these may be positioned as perks, they’ve altered workplace culture — and not necessarily for the better.

Despite present circumstances, we still have plenty to celebrate.
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AdminglingDFW dove into the Art of Influence.
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