Guilty of resisting a rest?
Greetings, Ninja!

Can’t stop, won’t stop makes for a punchy hashtag or a cute meme. But you know what isn’t cute? Burnout. It’s unhealthy and detrimental to all involved parties. Yet so many of us race toward it at the rate of I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

When did “rest” become a four-letter word? Time away from work, whether it’s a vacation, a day dedicated to your hobby, or a few quiet moments before an important meeting, can actually help you be a more productive and collaborative teammate.

Just like food and water, rest is a necessity, not a luxury. So stay hydrated, get some protein, and take a break already.

Rest on!
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Relax, Ninja.
Relax: Before an Important Conversation
Want to be better prepared to navigate big discussions? Turns out, physically slowing down your body before an important conversation dissolves reactionary energy from your brain and allows more space to think logically when you need it most.

Pause: Your Hectic Work Schedule
Could you schedule one work day a month to practice a process called deliberate rest? (It’s not what you think.) Because taking a deliberate break from all the “urgent” tasks that fill your days actually makes you more productive (and happier).

Enjoy: Your Vacation (Without Thinking About Work)
Can you pledge to take a real vacation (staycation works, too!) and actually rest during it? Apparently, 28 percent of U.S. workers can’t and end up working during their time off. These six strategies will help you unplug in earnest.


Ninjas receive a tour of Hotel Nia’s breakthrough luxury hospitality experience in
Silicon Valley.
“Hotel Nia is a beautiful venue that I would be proud to host an event at!”
— Amber M., Administrative Assistant

Bold but not flashy, intriguing without pretense, Hotel Nia is a luxury experience that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley.

Consider Hotel Nia’s sun-lit indoor and outdoor event spaces, chic accommodations, and inspired cuisine when you need to:

  • Reserve a show-stopping event or meeting space that encourages innovation and connection.
  • Host a company celebration they can’t stop talking about.
  • Book a comfortable overnight stay for team members traveling to Silicon Valley.

Take advantage of Ninja-only perks, including a complimentary 2-night stay, $100 referral gift card, chocolate & champagne tour, and a summer weekend pool pass! Email for details.


Journaling can help you overcome your negative beliefs.
Overcome Your Problematic Emotions with Cognitive Journaling [GROWTH]
Journaling is popular for self-reflection, but it can be pretty difficult to stay objective and challenge your own assumptions. Cognitive Journaling, a new style based on core ideas from cognitive psychology, offers a repeatable process you can use to increase self-awareness and experiment with new types of thinking.

Women of Color Get Less Support at Work [CULTURE]
Women of color are confident, ambitious, and engaged contributors — yet according to research, factors preventing them from advancing at work are quite different from those holding white women and even men of color back. Managers can work to change that.

Three Qualities of a Strong Remote Team [REMOTE WORK]
In a quest to create the perfect remote team, Google researchers spent two years studying more than 5,000 employees. Here's what they learned.

Find Your Digital Files Faster [ORGANIZATION]
If you’ve ever spent way too long looking for an old file you know the importance of a good digital filing system. This comprehensive guide covers the basics and gives suggestions on utilizing templates, tagging, and automations.

Comparison is Killing Your Confidence [SELF-CARE]
Would you rather be the world’s best Ninja, but have everyone think you’re the worst OR the world’s worst Ninja but have everyone think you’re the best?


Admingling connects you with a community of peers who understand and experience your challenges.
Taking time to learn is one of the best ways to invest in yourself — and at Admingling events, local Ninjas connect, share, and learn together in a fun, laid-back setting. Join us at an upcoming Admingling near you!

Los Angeles // Thu, July 25, 6–8:30pm
Seattle // Wed, July 31, 6–8:30pm

New Admingling dates in San Francisco, Boston, and beyond coming soon!

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