Know (and grow) your worth.
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A successful, fulfilling career doesn’t just happen. It’s guided by a resilient go-getter with defined goals. That’s you!

Or, it can be. Developing your career starts with a long-term action plan that includes a timeline, milestones, and dedicated time for learning. You’ll need to prioritize networking, even if you’re introverted (it’s less painful than it sounds), and — this one’s tricky — you must have a clear understanding of your value every step of the way.

Sound like a whole lot of time and energy? You’re right. But we promise that investing in yourself is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Rock on!
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Career management isn't just a nice-to-do. It's a must do.
Get Strategic About Your Career Development
Making the best of those 40(plus) hours a week doesn’t happen overnight. The key to a long, fulfilling career starts with a strategized career development plan — and yes, it will take some time. Block out an hour this week to write down your goals, including milestones and timelines, and consider resources that might already be available to you.

Set Yourself Up for Success: Know Your Worth
Whether you’re looking to negotiate a new salary, leverage a raise, or just have a better understanding of your role, knowing your worth is critical. But how do you calculate everything you do into dollars? Start with the average of what you’ve been making, add in some market research, and finish by identifying what you uniquely bring to the table.

Why You’ll Love Loose Touch Networking
Career development without networking will only get you so far — but it doesn’t have to be a dreaded endeavor. (Introverts, we see you!) Make relationship building easier by creating small, regular communications with your contacts. That way it doesn’t feel like you’re only reaching out when you need something. Those little gestures (which can be done entirely through email!) can lead to real support in the future.


Admin Week 2019 is all about career development (and celebration).
Ninjas are an unstoppable force! This Admin Week, we’re inviting you to take a giant leap forward through the experience of deep learning, recognition, and celebration. Admin Week 2019 will feature OfficeNinjas Con, Admin Bash, and our All-Star Awards. Learn more, get tickets, and nominate your favorite Ninja now!
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Be more productive by doing nothing.
The Most Productive Thing to Do With 10 Minutes? [SELF-CARE]
It’s nothing. Not nothing nothing, but enough of nothing to let your brain rest. Your mind is constantly chugging along in a state of focus at the office, and just like your body, your mind needs breaks. So the next time you have a few spare moments, don’t look at your phone or squeeze in a work call. Take a walk, lay down, or let your pen and mind wander with a doodle.

Align Your 'To Do' List With Your 'To Be' List [PRODUCTIVITY]
Take a look at your list of 2019 resolutions. They’re probably a list of things to do, right? Before diving into these goals, make sure they’re aligned with a separate list: who you want to be. Want to be a better listener? More patient? Better at time management? Create to-do’s that carry out your vision of the person you want to be in the new year.

Sending an Email? Add That GIF! [COMMUNICATION]
Visuals don’t just brighten up our communication — they actually increase understanding, productivity, and engagement with the content. Screenshots, short videos, and gifs can reduce the need for follow up and save time. (And make email just a little more fun!)

5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Privacy [TECHNOLOGY]
We use the internet... constantly. At work, at home, and on trips, we’re searching and storing important personal information across the web. Start off this year by locking down that info (as much as possible) with these five tips ranging from how to use a password manager to protecting your phone number from hackers.

How to Conference: Before, During, and After [PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
Conferences are great opportunities to evolve and learn, but constant networking and the reality of putting your daily tasks on hold can be stressful. Before departing for your next event, use this bag of tricks (easy automation, cool note-taking habits, and follow up how-to’s) to stay stress-free and get the most out of the experience.

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