Here’s a sneak peek of your future workplace.
Greetings, Ninja!

Are predictions about the future of work worth our time?

Last we checked, crystal balls and all-knowing entities were the stuff of fairytales. Plus, year after year, we see that few experts and trend-watchers actually get it right. All that aside, there’s still value in paying attention to the buzz and even participating in the exercise of looking forward.

Predictions can introduce us to new technologies and spark ideas for increased workplace efficiency. They can help us prepare for change, even if it’s not 100% clear what that change entails. Predictions can force us to think of our careers outside the confines of our current roles.

So, as we prepare for the future of work, let’s look at 2019’s forecasts with genuine interest, curiosity, and a grain of salt.

Rock on!
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Tapping into trending tech can give your company a boost.
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How Your Office Might Change This Year
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Phenomenon. Admin Week 2019. April 22–26, 2019.
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What’s the secret ingredient that makes our Admingling events so admazing? Ninja camaraderie. You’ll share experiences, swap tips, and dig deep into meaningful workplace topics with your fellow office pros — all within a unique and lively venue. Ready to join us? The first three dates of 2019 are LIVE. Get tickets now!

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