WHO are you asking for career advice?
WHO are you asking for career advice?
Greetings, Ninja!

Nothing will put us on the defensive faster than the question, “Can I give you some advice?” Even when the advice comes from someone we respect, a small part of us still cringes a little at the request, doesn’t it? Why is that?

For starters, we’re human. Research shows that we all have the psychological need for autonomy, and direction from an outside source (even if helpful) threatens our sense of control.

Not to mention, bad advice abounds and EVERYONE has an opinion...

That said, a penchant for fierce individualism (or an over-active B.S. detector) may actually block a person from the thoughtful, relevant advice that could help them spot new opportunities or avoid time-sucking mistakes.

If someone’s been where we want to go, let’s lay down our defenses and open ourselves to the opportunity to learn. And when we’re wrestling with an important decision, let’s stop discounting friends and family who may not be familiar with the subject matter, but understand us better than career gurus on the internet.

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