What if you could REALLY focus at work?
What if you could REALLY focus at work?
Greetings, Ninja!

Ever leave your desk so you can focus on something important? But then you get to your local coffee shop/ empty conference room/ living room sofa and find you’re still distracted? You spend the whole time responding to emails and Slack messages (that’s part of your job too, after all). And, of course, something urgent gets thrown on your plate and your boss won’t stop texting you.

It’s easy to blame our short attention spans on open office plans, bad lighting, and chatty co-workers (they definitely don’t help) — but our lack of focus may have more to do with the way we work than where.

Reigning in the brain takes more than just a venue change. It requires new habits, better boundaries, and maybe even a shift in workplace culture.

A tall order? Yes. But just imagine what else we might achieve if we could focus — like really focus — most days at work...

Steady on!
OfficeNinjas HQ

Ditch your phone and decrease distractions.
Your brain is the money maker. But every day, said brain is bombarded with messages, notifications, and IRL interruptions that make deep work difficult. Cal Newport, Georgetown University professor and bestselling author of Deep Work, is on a mission to reset workplace culture.
If you put up a sign or an automated email reply that says, “I’m stepping away from my email to finish a project. I’ll be back in one hour.” Would people respect that? Would your employer encourage it?
Even if you can eliminate the interruptions in your day, focus isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes important goals can be straight-up boring. There is a method to overcoming that feeling and spoiler alert: it’s boring, too.

Don’t forget to play.
It’s not a work distraction if you put it on the calendar...»
Sam, our Mistress of Play (bottom right), organized a Fun Friday of group coloring for OfficeNinjas HQers recently, that included a very official Evite, colorful beverages, playful dress code (co-founders Edwin and Nancy really went for it 😜), and a custom playlist of appropriately themed hits like Little Red Corvette and Brown Eyed Girl.

Bonding moments like these mean a lot to this hard-working, fully remote team. National Coloring Book Day is tomorrow, Aug 2, if you and your team need an excuse… 🖍

Make better decisions (in less time!) with thoughtful meetings.
Fun experiment: open your calendar (or your exec’s), and review today’s meetings against three key questions to see if you can spot any of the “fatal flaws” that commonly sabotage meeting effectiveness.
What’s better — being overly optimistic and not planning enough or being overly pessimistic and spending way too much time and resources on the last 1% of the project?
What happens when you look into the hidden depths of yourself and realize that success won’t fill those spaces? This New York Times opinion piece explores the practice of moral renewal and swapping bad values for better ones.
Employee handbooks help new hires feel welcome and knowledgeable in their first days. Does your company’s need updating? Try this step-by-step guide for writing an engaging, effective handbook you’ll be proud to share.
Slack keeps you connected, Asana manages responsibilities, and Trello tracks new projects. Effective workplace tools? Absolutely. Practical ways to keep your increasingly busy family organized? Potentially...

We love when a pen thief is brave enough to reveal themselves! Tell us if you’ve ever had your office supplies ~mysteriously~ go missing on our Facebook post!
When pen thieves strike…
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