Leadership isn’t just for the C-Suite.
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When it comes to leadership, misconceptions abound. First of all, you don’t need to have "director" or "executive" in your title to be a leader. Leadership is a skill that everyone should cultivate, regardless of their role. (Do you feel a 2019 resolution brewing?)

Secondly, leadership isn’t just for the outspoken and assertive. Quiet introverts, if they lead by example and model behavior they wish to see in their peers, can be just as effective as someone who’s drawn to the spotlight. In fact, humility (i.e. owning up to your shortcomings) will actually gain you more respect as a leader.

Lastly, even the best leaders aren’t always in charge. Learning to be a good follower is important, too.

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Followership? It’s important, too.
There’s Only One Leadership Strategy
You are a leader. Even if it’s not reflected in your title, you influence people every day with your words, actions, and mood. If you want your team to be positive, you have to be positive. So to make changes in your organization, start by being the change yourself.

The Positive Side of Sharing Your Negative Side
None of us like to admit our mistakes (especially when you’re a Ninja pulling off superhuman feats). But a big part of being a good leader comes from opening up about your not-so-shining moments. By revealing struggles or missteps to your colleagues, you can become more grounded, likable, and real.

Don’t Just Be a Follower — Be a Good Follower
You’re a leader and a follower. (We all are!) Yet being a follower gets a bad rap, and rarely do people think about how they can be a better one. By learning how to follow well through partnerships, collaboration, and managing up, you can empower yourself and activate your career.


Think cloud-first with digital files.
Digital Files ≠ Analog Files. So Why Do We Store Them The Same Way? [PRODUCTIVITY]
Digital storage doesn’t take up space. But we still act like it does, using virtual file folders to bury documents deep inside an unwieldy hierarchy. That analog mindset is costly (one study estimates 21% of an org’s productivity loss is caused by doc-related challenges!). But thanks to new, innovative cloud storage tools, you can rethink your file management and take back that wasted time.

Challenge Yourself to a 30-Day Digital Declutter [TIME MANAGEMENT]
Aimlessly scrolling, constantly texting, and frequently binging can be a drag on both your physical and mental health. Want to start the New Year fresh?? Determine what you truly need tech for, and go cold turkey on the rest for 30 days.

Why We Should Think More About How Others Think [COLLABORATION]
How do you like to get a message? Email? Slack? Face to face? What about your boss? Your coworker? Your friend? Understanding how each of us thinks, learns, and processes information is an essential skill when working in teams. If you’re running into issues collaborating with a team member, stop to think about how they think.

Accountability Partner > Mentor [PERSONAL GROWTH]
You’re much more likely to stick to your path if someone is holding you accountable. But that person doesn’t have to be looking down from on high. In fact, by picking a peer you trust to be your partner, you gain not only accountability but also someone who is growing with you along the way.

VR is Coming to the Workplace in Creative Ways [FUTURISTIC]
Take part in an in-person work meeting... from home. Show a new employee around the office... while they’re on another continent. See what a frustrated customer is seeing... from anywhere. VR is already being used to open up the workplace in a myriad of exciting new ways.


Admin Week 2019. April 22-26, 2019.
Ninjas are an unstoppable force. This Admin Week, we’re inviting you to take a huge leap forward through the experience of deep learning, recognition, and celebration! Admin Week 2019 will feature ON Con, Admin Bash, and our All-Star Awards. Learn more, get tickets, and nominate your favorite Ninja now.
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