Are you ready for a change?
Are you ready for a change?
Greetings, Ninja!

New jobs don’t come easy. The search itself often feels like it warrants a W-2.

Meanwhile, the hiring process continues to be a complex ritual, shrouded in mystery.

What if we demystified things a bit, starting with your application? What if you knew which keywords, phrases, and file formats would get you past resume-screening bots? What if you knew how to use your interviews to suss out (and avoid) bad bosses? And what if we told you not to overthink your resignation letter to your current boss?

Takes the edge off a bit, doesn’t it?

A career transition is a job. But, with the right resources, it can be exciting, fruitful, empowered work.

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your job application robot proof with these strategies.
You’re qualified, but your resume might never reach human eyes in this age of applicant-screening and tracking systems. Learn tips for passing through AI gatekeepers.
Many employees only discover their higher-ups’ flaws once they’re already in the trenches with them. These strategies can help you see the signs before you commit.
Resignation letters haven’t yet gone the way of the dinosaur. Since they’re sticking around for the foreseeable future, why not learn how to get your next one right?

Revive your New Year’s resolutions with our free goal tracker.
Researchers report that about 80 percent of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by mid February.

Suddenly feeling like a statistic?

If your 2020 goals have experienced a motivation dip, don’t give up — you can recommit.

This time, monitor those goals with a simple, free daily tracker that our co-founder Nancy created to help her stay focused and celebrate her VIP (Very Important Progress) status.

The tracker is available in both Excel and gDoc formats and includes instructions for getting started. You’ve got this!

Calm your stage fright and take the mic.
Sure, you can try imagining everyone in their skivvies when stage fright sets in before that presentation, but why not take these six nerve-conquering steps instead?
CEOs are powerful, but what goes into wielding that power wisely? McKinsey’s "model for CEO excellence" breaks down the specific mindsets and practices.
Diversity & Inclusion
According to studies, when it’s time to talk about D&I efforts, white men aren’t sure whether they’re wanted. HBR explains how to help everyone feel like they can be part of the diversity dialogue.
Think Google Drive is pretty nifty? You don’t know the half of it. Your life’s about to get easier with this roundup up 14 lesser-known Google Drive tools and tricks.
Even small acts of appreciation go a long way in the workplace. Learn why the mere act of saying "thanks" can make your office a more productive place.

Need a new Thursday mantra? Thanks to Ninja Lisa W.R. for this great reminder. Share your favorite motivational phrase with the community on our Facebook page.
If you over-commit, you under-deliver.

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