The Countdown to April is ON. Plus a Giveaway!

Ninjas are practically superhuman, but, at some point, something's gotta give. And when you're juggling multiple calendars, back-to-back meetings, and figurative (maybe literal?) office fire drills, that something is usually self-care.

So consider, if you will, just one more request for the day: enter our Admin Week 2019 Launch Giveaway! It's free to participate, and you could win up to $500 in air travel credit! (Helloooo, unclaimed PTO days, spa weekends, tropical getaways...) But do be quick — it ends this Sunday, October 7, at 11:59pm PT.

This giveaway celebrates the reveal of the first details of Admin Week 2019 (April 22–26): the ultimate in Ninja recognition, appreciation, and celebration.

Take a minute for yourself, Ninja. You deserve it! And stay tuned for so much more...

Rock on!
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Do you have a love/hate relationship with your phone?
Tips for Finding Phone/Productivity Balance
Our phones are filled with breaking news, heartfelt messages, and cat gifs — which makes them almost impossible to put down. So, how do we live in today’s phone-centered world and still get stuff done? A mixture of phone swaps, spring cleaning, mindful thinking, and good ole airplane mode.

When It’s Useful to Think Like a Computer
Whether you’re deciding what caterer to book or who to hire, applying a bit of computational thinking can make choices easier and better. How? This 12-minute TED Talk digs into three practical strategies based on computer logic to help you solve any kind of problem.

"So... All You Do Is Answer Phones?"
The common. The inevitable. The difficult to answer question: "What do you do?" Whether you’re at a networking event or even a family gathering, it can be hard to convey the importance and nuanced aspects of your Ninja duties. These tips can help you craft a clear and compelling go-to response.


Phenomenon. Admin Week 2019. April 22–26, 2019.
Every day, you achieve the impossible. Solve the un-figureoutable. Others wonder, How do they do it? Is it an illusion? But you know the secret.

Every feat, accomplishment, and triumph is fueled by the power of connection and collective intelligence.

It’s not magic. It’s a phenomenon… Get ready to celebrate it this Admin Week 2019.

Tell Me More!

You can’t always choose what chair you’ll be sitting in.
Straighten Up: How to Get Comfy in Any Office Chair [SELF-CARE]
You might be crushin’ it as the backbone of your office, but your literal backbone is tired of sitting on chairs that are too soft, too deep, and too uncomfortable. Even if you have your desk chair just right, you can’t help what you have to sit on at hotels, in the conference room, or your boss’s office. Here’s how to take care of your body in any sitting environment.

Protect Yourself From Empathy Burnout [HAPPINESS]
Yep, we’re talkin’ burnout again. Why? Because when you’re emotionally run down, you can’t function at full capacity. There are limits to how much empathy a person can extend to others. For selfless Ninjas like you, try compassion over empathy, consider snoozing your breaking news notifications, and... just take a breather.

Overly Apologetic? Replace Sorry With "Thank You" [RELATIONSHIPS]
Who reading this is guilty of saying "I’m sorry" too much? No doubt a lot of Ninjas just raised their digital hands. It’s hard to stop over-apologizing cold turkey. Luckily, there’s a simple (and versatile) swap that isn't self-diminishing. Next time you feel the urge to apologize, say "thank you for your patience (understanding/help...)" instead.

Level Up Your Events Management Skills With a Free Certification [WORK SKILLS]
Whether it’s in your official job description or not, most Ninjas are tasked with wrangling events in some way. If you’re looking to hone your skills or ramp up your knowledge, Eventbrite’s got you covered with FREE online courses and certification that cover everything from event social media to sponsorships and vendors.

AI’s Impact on Ninja Jobs Isn’t Coming Soon — It’s Here Now [CAREER]
A recent LinkedIn report revealed that the role of Administrative Assistant has declined more than any other position on the platform over the past five years. No need to panic, Ninja. The interpersonal skills that are uniquely human/Ninja aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and you’ve got the talent and tenacity to learn how to wield new tech — not lose out to it.


Join us at one of our upcoming Adminglings
Wanna know the secret ingredient that makes our Admingling events so admazing? Ninja-camaraderie. You’ll share experiences, swap tips, and dig deep into meaningful workplace topics with your fellow office pros — all within a unique and lively venue. Ready to join us? Get tickets before they sell out! (They usually do.)

Dallas // Thu, Oct 18, 5:30–8pm (SOLD OUT)
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Washington, DC // Tue, Oct 23, 6–8:30pm
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New York City // Thu, Oct 25, 6–8:30pm (SOLD OUT)
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Silicon Valley // Thu, Nov 1, 6–8:30pm
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Los Angeles // Thu, Nov 8, 5:30–8pm
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